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  1. Can’t wait to see all the awesome upgrades you’ e made my friend @Hisham Masaad! How is the Pedal Commander? 😀
  2. I hope you guys have an awesome drive 😀 At least my baby is back together now... 17:48; I’m still in the garage on a job that was supposed to be done this morning 😳
  3. Hey Dr. @Chaitanya D, I’m at the garage and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my car on time to join the drive. Have fun everyone and drive safe....
  4. What can I say my friend @Gaurav Soni, the FJ’s in the garage for upgrades quite a few times. She’s into cosmetic/enhancement surgeries. You’re just jealous because I have easier finance ministry approvals than you 🤣
  5. Hahahaha! @Rahimdad the Padmini Premier is exactly the look I’m going for. When I’m done with it, Carnity will have the only FJC Padmini edition 🤣
  6. Sounds like a great summer plan @Gaurav! Looking forward to these drives with Carnity 😀
  7. Hey @Gaurav, now that I have auxiliary lights on my car, I often wonder how I ever managed to drive without them 😀 After you install off-road lights, you start asking the same type of questions like “what did we do before cell phones, or the Internet?” 😂 My last drive with Sri ran into the night, and it felt like I was driving blind, even though my car had fog lights and Vision X off-road spot lights. I had to drive at night in the desert to finally understand what pitch black means 🤣 All I remember is driving close to the car in front of me to take advantage if his lights 😀 As to bu
  8. Yes sir Dr. @Chaitanya D; I’ll keep you informed! I know you just wanna use me for my auxiliary lights, and I’m cool with that 🤣 Seriously though, if they deliver the car as promised on Thursday morning, I will certainly join. I even took Thursday off from work so that they don’t bother me 😀
  9. Hello doc @Chaitanya D, I would love to join. My only caveat is that I took my car to the garage because I thought this drive was postponed 😀 They promised to finish it Thursday morning, but you never know with mechanics... With that, I leave it up to you to decide whether to include me or not. I’m fine with whatever you decide 🙏🏻
  10. Sounds great Richard @Wrangeld 😀 I’ve never driven at night in the desert, although I’ve attended a few Carnity afternoon drives that extended to the night...
  11. Hello Richard @Wrangeld, please add me to the waitlist of your night drive. This will be my second drive for the weekend. Thank you!
  12. Hey @VipinShetty, the exact thing you’ve described happens to me after the desert drives. The car vibrates once I start driving on the road. I’ve experienced the vibration with my old wheels and Yokohama tires, and my new wheels and Cooper tires. From my experience, desert driving does affect the balance of the tires... The severity of the after desert vibration varies from drive to drive. I’ve also had instances where I don’t have vibration on the road after a desert drive. Go figure! I swear, the last bit is just to confuse me more 😂 In any event, you’re not alone in this, and unfortu
  13. Thanks a lot Doc @Chaitanya D! I will be happy to help out in any way I can. Looking forward to seeing you and doctor @Mohamed Seidam again 😀
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