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  1. Hi everyone. Unfortunately for the 2nd week in a row I’ll have to cancel my place. I still haven’t got my Jeep from the seller. The car is all fine just a very long story about the transfer of ownership, which incidentally isn’t really the sellers fault. my car is a manual Wrangler 2012. I’ll try again next week. enjoy your drives everyone and stay safe.
  2. Hi Frederic, unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my Jeep in time for Friday. It has passed RTA but there’s a hitch with transfer of ownership. (I’ve been waiting all week. 😡). so better I give up the spot to allow someone else to drive. If by some miracle I get the car tomorrow and there is still space I’ll rejoin. have a good drive everyone.
  3. Matt Curson

    Matt Curson

  4. Hi everyone. hope you are well, Wrangler 2012. no off road experience, I’ve literally just got the Jeep. tow points all good. really looking forward to learning and meeting you all. see you soon
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