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  1. @Kailas could you please remove my name from the going list as I won’t be able to join the drive this weekend . Thanks !
  2. Hi @Foxtrot Oscar could you please put me waitlisted for a second drive for Afternoon Fewbie dessert drive . Thank you
  3. I @Frederictried on 4HLC , tiptronic and normal ,,, it was same .. I will install a fan this week
  4. Though i joined the drive less than one hour , but it was amazing and i am sure i missed lot of fun and entertainment as I had to exit early . Thank you Lorenzo for the Lead and giving me the opportunity of being the 2nd in the convoy . In fact it is the second time I the drive under you lead ,,,, it is a five stars drive , where i get new experience and fun in addition to beautiful places and sights ... I hope to fix the overheating issue and be able to complete the drive next week,
  5. I also faced same issue , transmission overheating when I was joining a fewbie drive . my Pajero is brand new 2020 model 3.8 liters . I also checked with Habtoor for the 1000 km check up and they said every thing is normal and they just updated the software . After that I joined a newbie level and i drove on manual mode and. It was fine . Last Friday I joined a fewbie drive and I faced same issue which is transmission overheating . I can’t judge yet because I also discovered that my pressure gage is showing that my tires are on 15 where in fact my tires are on 20 . Rahimad noticed my tires after several refusals last Friday. I was watching on YouTube about pajero and someone said that we should drive on 4HLLC mode instead of 4H as the 4 H in pajero is for short use not as same other 4x4 cars . He said that on 4HLLC we won’t face transmission fluid overheating for long drives , What do you Think ? Shall we drive on 4HLLC mode for long drive and keep the 4H for short time as I watched on YouTube !!
  6. I drive a LC V6 , it is a very comfortable car on the sands the crowl system is amazing it helps you a lot when you are stuck . it is a little bit under power because of it's heavy weight ..off course the v8 is much power full but the v6 would do it is job for casual off road . With LC no headache in mechanic or electric or heating . same as if you are driving in the city. Oil change , filter nothing else ....... the front pumper is not high , it comes two parts , I removed the bottom part to avoid damaging it . I am still in Fewbie level an till now i am so happy with my LC . Now I bought a Pajero 2020 3.8L 0 KM at a good deal .I will drive the Pajero in my off road drives for Fewbie plus level and higher levels hopefully if i got promoted . I will have more experience and would not be worried about damaging my LC anymore and will keep the LC for casual off road drives
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