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  1. @DP1011 It was truly an enjoyable experience, there were few challenges with the terrain. Your guidance through each stage of the task ensured a smooth movement for the convoy. The timing you chose allowed us to fully relish the moment, although we have the rest of the day free for family activities, which is better. @Sunil Mathew Thanks for keeping an eye on the convoy and good video posted on Flag hunt, it was not that easy for myself and @DP1011 to find the flag, as it was partial covered by sand. Thanks for rest of the convoy, every time we all learn different driving skills. @Rohit Deginal @JohanE @JERINE_B @Faraz94 @Andrew John Melvill @Premjit Vappala @Mohammad Sayawoush Azad @Rk ram @JERINE_B i will whatsup you the video.
  2. 13 years of success for off-road club is not measured by the miles you've driven, but by the paths you've conquered. Keep the adventure alive, and let your passion steer you toward more success.
  3. @M.Seidam it was wonderful drive today, started with slow phase and moved up gradually, where it was accepted by everyone in the convoy @Issam AtraYou were exceptionally watchful and attentive to every movement, adding a touch of beauty to the second lead. @Mostafa Nasef You were truly impressive on your inaugural drive, handling some challenging stretches with skill and confidence. @Dan S You've demonstrated excellent driving skills, and it's evident that you've learned how to navigate crests with your long truck and handle them effectively. This experience will undoubtedly enhance your driving abilities. Additionally, your attentiveness to the car in front and maintaining proper spacing was commendable. @S.Mahesh I hope your children had a great time during the drive. Your responsiveness when we were providing guidance was appreciated, and it emphasizes the importance of us offering our support to you. @Rafey Hashmi I don't have much more to say; your consistent attention to the cars ahead, your adherence to proper spacing, and your commendable driving performance show your eagerness to further develop your driving skills. @Ali Al Moumar, @Ishak @Abhilash Kottakkal, @Sreenath GYou've showcased outstanding driving abilities. @IshakHope your friends enjoyed the drive. @Ali Al Moumar thank you for the tea. @Joji varghese amazing sweep. While off-roading, we consistently encounter unforeseen surprises.
  4. I completely agree! incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. It's those moments of connection and camaraderie that often bring the most joy and comfort. 🥰🙌
  5. Gratitude for the unity we share during Offroad, where we stand together as a team with passion, dedication, and the spirit of 'one for all members in @Carnity.' This sense of togetherness is an integral part of life. Cheers to Crew, Marshal, Advisor, Support team and all members!"
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