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  1. @M.Seidam It was really enjoyable, fast paced, with lots of bowls, crisscrosses, switches, and climbs... and the technical area was very challenging. I was very impressed by everyone in convoy adhering to the rules of desert and their safety was always paramount. @Joji varghese@Sunil Mathew @Senthil Kumar and @Benjamin Once again, thank you all for your supports.
  2. @M.SeidamIt was an awesome drive! It gave me an opportunity to experience a range of different skills on a advanced level. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed climbing and bowling in and out. @Joji varghese, @Waqas Parvez, @topgear, @Benjamin nothing much to say, as we had driven many drives, you guys did an amazing job. Keeping the convoy together @Davie Chase, who wouldn't let anyone slip behind and your guidance was much appreciated. God's grace was with us right time in spotting the Tyre issue. Thank you all !!! so much of your help and assistance. Tyre issue has been sorted and i hope to see you all soon on next drive.
  3. @Varun Mehndiratta in this driver had an incredible adventure exploring the desert or (forest?) most of the location the SAND was SUPER SOFT. When you mentioned that Rajiv needs more gas due to the super soft sand, it helped me to understand that I should increase my own acceleration as well. after 3 weeks break from desert drive, it was a good start for me push vehicle to the limit and to see how to handle unexpected challenges. It's also great to see the convoy were overcome any obstacles. It sounds like a memorable and exhilarating experience! @Alexanderrr You did an incredible job. You demonstrated to the convoy that the Pajero is a vehicle that is rugged and refined, born wild but raised with elegance.
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