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  1. yea hopefully. they told me the car will be ready Saturday, i was expecting it to be done today evening but sadly it wont be.
  2. Hey @Tbone i WONT be coming for the drive, my car has some technical stuff that needs to be fixed
  3. I love the confidence you have in Arman and I. Makes me feel happy and shows that I’m actually progressing! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in the sand. P.S love meeting my fellow pickup drivers!! @Jack Thomas
  4. Very informative comment but what takes the cake is the comment about UAE being on Mars. I almost fell of my chair laughing. @Arman if only it was as easy as it sounds to add a turbo to your car. As @Rahimdad mentioned. You need to spend atleast 100k on the car just to get the turbo to be effective and not ruin your car. You may be better off getting a V8. Honestly look into filters. Something simple does help you a lot. If you remember the Jeep I used to have the only thing that was modded was the filter (it was a K&N filter) and it was a bunny in the desert. Since your car is American and one of the most popular off roading cars there should be a lot of forums and posts about simple yet effective mods that will 1 help your car preform a little bit better 2 make your car sound nicer (not something important but still a good plus). I have a friend who has had 3 modded jeeps 2 turbo 1 supercharged, he’s always in the garage, and he still can’t drive as good as you can in the desert. It’s not worth it at all. Now on the other hand if you are making a lot of money and have cash to spare and have a second car for daily use you can do that.
  5. @Lorenzo Candelpergher i really loved the fast paced driving it was quite a change although the convoy was stretched at times I had the ability to mess around a little bit. Thank you for the fun drive @Chaitanya D and @Veedooshee and to everyone else!
  6. Totally agree, it all depends on the car and drivers relationship, another example my F-150 CANT (and i mean even in like road side dirt its that sensitive) drive off road at all without the traction control off, the sophistication level of the traction control doesn't allow it to be so. The Chevy on the other hand I didn't need to turn off traction control maybe 50% or 60% of the time. To be honest changing from D to manual isn't a challenge for me (yes it varies from person to person but learning how to drive not using D in the desert is so much fun, it adds to the challenge and fun of off roading also strengthens the relationship with your car), maybe its because I took the manual license and the first car I ever drove was a manual. But overall I think a person learns more on how to drive in the desert when using manual mode, and anyway after 2 or 3 drives it will come naturally.
  7. As @Rahimdad said you don't need tech to get unstuck, having crawl control on your car is a great plus but in my opinion it reduces the learning and the fun of getting stuck (yes I think getting stuck is fun, weird 😅) most of the time you don't even need a tow when you're stuck you just have to know how your car feels in certain situations. As long as you have great gas control almost any stuck is self recoverable. I agree with this however from my experience with carnity and general off roading depending on your car driving in D gives you problems. My car for example (2017 F-150) my car loves to upshift early and when I need to lower gear it doesn't downshift until I put the pedal to the floor which causes a nice soupy area behind me destroying the track. Overall I don't drive in D (car to car is different keep in mind) I drive in 2nd gear in the desert and when I need more power I downshift to 1st. Techy cars since they have super good computers inside them even if you're driving off road they will treat is as tarmac (unless the car has an off road mode) with my fathers 2011 Chevy Tahoe I drive in D in the desert because its an old car and isn't techy so the car doesn't upshift when it doesn't need to.
  8. @Jeepie thank you for the fun drive, glad i got to drive with you as lead, also thx for getting me stuck! @Francois Germishuys its always great to see another pickup off roader (especially a f150 driver ) and thx for the help when I got crested! @Kailas you're welcome, that the perk of being behind a 2.5 tone V8, you learn how to go around my tracks, so I guess great experience for you 🤣 same goes to you, thx for the help in getting unstuck! And last but not least @Arman great job at being second lead, although I was very far away from you I felt happiness seeing you in 2nd position instead of behind or in front of me *one tear drops from my eye* you make me proud to be your cousin thank you everyone else for coming along for the drive and having some good fun!
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