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  1. @Ale Vallecchi no problem at all! Since that’s the case I’ll leave the RSVP. Shehab, 1st drive WL
  2. @Ale Vallecchi hey Ale I didn’t have a drive this weekend and I saw there was space in your drive, I know it’s a late join. If there was anyone waiting let me know I’ll leave the RSVP
  3. So @Lorenzo Candelpergher sad news, just found out my grandmother and my uncle are leaving Dubai and I have to drop them at the airport in the morning. So sadly can’t make it next time inshallah! I’ll remove myself from the rsvp.
  4. Ayyyyyyyyy mabrook @Aisha S can’t wait to drive with you on the IM drives
  5. Damn. Not even a minute and the drive was full. @Lorenzo Candelpergher seems like the last 1km ascent was really good. Can’t wait for the next one 💪🏽
  6. Am I the only one who’s waiting anxiously for the drive location 😂 I’ve been checking the website daily just to see “@Islam Soliman has commented” Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!
  7. Great drive @Lorenzo Candelpergher finally after my 3rd attempt at area 53 i finally completed a drive and I may be addicted to these dunes 😍. Great job everyone very well driven the only time we really were stopped for a while was when @Abu Muhammad got crested and when the convoy split up other than that everything was so smooth i could have went on for hours. Thank you to everyone that supported @Hisham Masaad @Shaz Shah @Alexander Alcala @Javier Lucero awesome job! See you all in the next area 53 drive 😂
  8. If you go to the Tasjeel in Aswaaq they will pass your car with no issues for a metal bumper (from what I’ve been told haven’t tried it myself) couple of my friends have done it and they told me they didn’t make any issues. Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing 04 284 0303 https://goo.gl/maps/tdbgU6fdRNAMatYs6
  9. Also would be nice to note. Be careful of fire ants, centipedes, spiders specifically the camel spider (their venom doesn’t do anything to us but will leave a nasty infection) I found a website which actually has which explains the wilderness of the UAE (plants, animals and insects. The mentioned instructs can be found there and explained in more detail) https://www.ddcr.org/en/index.aspx @Gregory I think your son would enjoy reading on this website.
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