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  1. 20201128_153746_32159402094882.mp4 I really enjoyed the drive @Srikumar! hope to see everyone soon. Snapchat-1057882904.mp4 Snapchat-1958366217.mp4
  2. First I'd like to say I cant wait and I'm so excited. Second, do I need to bring a valid covid-19 test result since we are gonna be in Abu Dhabi, and if so which test would I need to bring? Finally, do I need to being an extra things like a jerry can with petrol in it or just the usual tools needed for the newbie off roading drives?
  3. Thank you for the amazing introduction drive to off roading @Ale Vallecchi @Gaurav, I had an amazing drive and learning experience. Thank you everyone else for being there and having fun together. Sadly I didn't take many pictures or videos 🤣 Hope to see everyone on the next drive!! VID-20201120-WA0007.mp4
  4. @Ale Vallecchi You're welcome, I'm always enthusiastic when it comes to off roading/camping. See you Friday Inshallah!
  5. Hello @Ale Vallecchi First im excited to join this drive. Second, my car does have tow points in the front and the back, however id need a shackle for both the front and the back. Anyway i did buy a tow hook just in case. Third, I would love to pursue this sport that is why I bought the tow hook. I have always been a fan of driving in the desert camping and other outdoor activities. Lastly, do you guys have any camping plans? like a weekend getaway in the desert because if you do id be more than happy to join. Cant wait to meet everyone and drive togther!
  6. Hello! I watched the videos and have all the tools I need, my car is Ford f150 (4 door) the car comes with front eyelets. I am buying my tow hook today also. My experience is the desert is not much but I have been going off roading since I can remember (desert, mountains etc) my driving skills in the desert are not terrible but not good either, but I have been in the passenger seat of many good off roaders (yes not the same as driving in the desert but its better than nothing 🤣) Just have a couple of questions. Do I need to bring a tow rope? and if yes which one should I buy? Do I need shackles, if so should I get the steel ones or the soft shackles? Which tow hook would you prefer me to have? @Ale Vallecchi
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