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  1. Alright so, I found out my car is leaking oil so I won’t be able to make this drive sadly, I’ll pull my name out of the RSVP. See you all on the next one inshallah
  2. So while I was waiting a few rain drops decided to cool down my stay here 😍🌦 P.S it’s now 2:17 it started drizzling at like 2:15
  3. Thanks for the great drive @Foxtrot Oscar really love Al Faqa area all my passengers enjoyed the drive. Thank you to everyone that supported @Jeepie @Islam Soliman @Yousef Alimadadi great job helping out and making sure we had the most fun! @Islam Soliman hope me messing around in the back didn't bother you too much, I may have been enjoying myself too much, was trying to get good footage for the go pro (which I will upload soon or ill make a dropbox or something) Overall had so much fun! See you all soon Inshallah P.S Yes kinda late for an after drive report 🤣
  4. Kinda late for an after drive report 🤣 but here goes nothing! Thank you @Wrangeld for the amazing night drive and thank you for sticking me in the back, helped me get used to reading the sand and finding other ways to traverse dunes in the dark, overall I think my dune reading skills have been improving and I hope @Islam Soliman can confirm that! Massive thanks to our second lead @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ our CF @M.Seidam and our sweep @Islam Soliman for either showing us a better path, helping during stucks/ refusals and for not leaving us behind in the dark and rain! Great job
  5. Congratulations @Foxtrot Oscar awesome achievement 💪🏽🤘
  6. Great drive @Ale Vallecchi really enjoyed it. The whole time was spent in the car rather than out of the car which I love, this small convoy allowed me to focus on what I need to do better like how to gauge my speed when ridge riding when to enter and exit. I love every moment of it. Sadly had to leave early, grandfather and dad wanted to have iftar together. Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the drive! Also great job everyone, in my opinion everyone did fantastic! See you in the next one inshallah!
  7. You’re welcome! I’m not afraid to say “I messed up” or “I don’t know” because in the end someone might enlighten me or I might learn from the internet. Hope this was helpful to everyone. Furthermore if you have a rod meant to do a task and one end is not working, try the other end 😂
  8. Alright. So update. 1 I figured out that my rim was dented at one of @Ale Vallecchi drives that’s why when I went under 23 or 22 psi I would leak air. Anyway I got that fixed. 2 I changed all my lug nuts to new ones. 3 So apparently I did have all my tools to take my spare down however I didn’t know how to use them (yes embarrassing as an intermediate driver 😳) I learned how to take my tire down. The rod I was using was correct however we were using the wrong end of it. 4 I figured out I can drive my car with 3 wheels at 11 and one at 25. Cool thing to know 😂 5 Th
  9. @Ale Vallecchiit was a fake pop out as you said, after I filled my tires to 25 it stopped leaking and hasn't leaked since, i even went to an auto pro and checked for leaks and nothing. So great deduction on your part. The hit I took was quite nasty I think @Chaitanya D saw it.
  10. @Thomas Varghese your photography is getting better. Keep it up!! Soon @Carnity might have their own personal paparazzi 😂
  11. I’ve heard mixed reviews from Pro-Fender, it’s not good but not bad either. It requires a lot of service and isn’t all that reliable compared to other brands. A couple of my friends who had them told me to try and stay away from them unless I didn’t have the budget to get other brands.
  12. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for the relaxing mid week drive, it’s fun to get close to AD the color of the sand is just beautiful there! Great seeing you back @Foxtrot Oscar See you all in the next one inshallah!
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