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  1. Good morning @Lorenzo Candelpergher sadly I won’t be able to join this drive, the timing doesn’t work for me as much as I tried to squeeze it in 😂. See you guys on the next one. I’ll remove myself from the RSVP
  2. Question @Lorenzo Candelpergher it says this is a morning drive, however the meeting time is at 2PM @Arman and I are going crazy thinking which one it is😂. Care to clarify please?
  3. @Luca Palanca Falsini sorry for the late notice but I’m removing myself from the drive. Won’t be able to make it. Sorry . Enjoy everyone else
  4. Meh, don’t think this is as useful in sand, mountains I can understand but on sand? I wouldn’t think so. Cool concept though. Why would you need stability the fun of off roading is being tossed around in your car like a mixer. That’s where all the adrenaline comes from 😜
  5. Just some advice, same situation happened to me, I was driving in the desert and suddenly the tire went flat. I inflated and it was all ok. Fast forward 1 week again same issue. I then come to find out my rim was dented and when I was deleted air would slowly leak. Go get your rims checked. Since the tire is at 35psi there won’t be a leak because of the pressure, but at low psi’s if your rim is dented leaks will happen. @Lorenzo Candelpergher remembers this situation 😂 it was an area 53 drive.
  6. Fantastic drive @Lorenzo Candelpergher I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say a walk in the park for me, I felt I was being tested to see if I could Maneuver my car through all the sharp crests and in between all the tight dunes, and eventually I did get stuck 😂. I guess I’m too used to Area 53/Fayah/Fossil Rock where there is a lot of space for error. Other than that I enjoyed the drive, and the weather wasn’t actually that bad especially earlier in the morning, I noticed @Luca Palanca Falsini was driving with his windows down. Great job everyone and see you all soon inshallah 💪🏽
  7. See Spotify has Arabic music, but you have to type the song name in English and the spelling is all over the place, so I just bought YouTube premium and made my life easier. I use Spotify for on road and normal days, and YouTube for off road since I can download the songs like Spotify.
  8. I totally agree, i even have a metal playlist (a couple of those actually) , 2 throwback playlists (as in late 90s to early 2000s), and a hype playlist. I can share them if you like
  9. I also do have a desert playlist, and its a Arabic playlist, yes I know, the Local listens to Arabic music in the desert, surprising 😂. However its on YouTube sadly. If you have YouTube premium you're lucky, if not ill do my best to make find the songs on Spotify. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Q94kbBQhZb2YA_SpMktd7rB2JVCMKWt Its still being updated when I find some new hyper Arabic desert songs
  10. Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Spent maybe 20 minutes reading everything carefully. First, AMAZING drive! I enjoyed it a bit too much, I think my passengers got sick due to my urge to try and climb as high and I can and keep up as much momentum going up, and perhaps the young 22 year old trying to show off to his friends, (yes I had 3 other people with me 😅). Second, great driving everyone was very enjoyable, I loved climbing Al Faya from the back, kinda reminded me of area 53. Finally, wish I could have continued but alas, didn’t want anyone puking in my car 😂. I do have so
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