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  1. When its time to fix a pop out and if I'm in the convoy its always my 3 ton jack which eases the situation.
  2. @Ale Vallecchi got to drop out as there is a marriage reception scheduled for tomorrow evening.
  3. Battery death signs cannot be shown on regular scanner unless its a battery load tester. But sudden death is not because battery is weak. Its because of the bumpy rides, the inside cell connectors separate and the battery can no longer function.
  4. UAE: Will I lose warranty if my car is serviced from a workshop that’s not affiliated to the dealer? - News | Khaleej Times
  5. Not to be left out, very soon @GauravSoni took the position of the grey wrangler. @Ale Vallecchi was really bewildered what was happening in a simple crest of his which should have been sorted in less time. Ohhh I forgot @Gok Krish (I believe it was him) had the opportunity of almost getting his SWB Jeep stretched to LWB by getting pulled out from front and back after he took the position of the center grey Jeep. @GauravSoni took the position after that.
  6. Then the battery is going through the slow natural death process. I don't know why but I have noticed that battery's die mostly during summer.
  7. Actually you can give it to any mechanic to change your engine oil which is way much cheaper than getting it done in Trading Enterprises. They charge you for inspecting other fluids and max your brake pad conditions. All this checking can be done by ourselves except the transmission oil & differential oil if you know where all they are.
  8. Looks like its not your battery which is having problems in your Pathfinder. It discharges in 3 days because there is an electrical leak somewhere. Easy way to check is to remove your negative terminal and try to reconnect it. If there is a good enough spark when you reconnect it then definitely there is an electrical leak. There will be a nominal small spark or no spark if all electrical systems are ok.
  9. Yes its working fine and after scanning the whole car electricals on live data with my scanner. All values remain the same.
  10. Interesting postulate @Zed, but I checked the alternator and its charging fine. All the theory you wrote about the battery and alternator is fine. The car stopped because the alternator had no capacitor to discharge the generated voltage and heated up as we disconnected the battery. It was heating up when it was connected to the battery too as theoretically as the battery once the cells inside separate then doesn't function as a capacitor. As explained before everything was fine until the moment the cell separation occurred inside the battery.
  11. Its 100% now sure that the battery died a sudden death inside the desert. I've purchased a new battery and now the car was running from morning till now without problems. 2nd time happening inside the desert. 1st time was on may 15th 2021 on a drive with @Wrangeld. The battery ran 1 year and 3 months and died suddenly without any warnings. Replaced with an Energizer batt made in Spain. 1st one which died was AC Delco, now 2nd one is the famous Amaron. As per the battery shop it can happen anytime when you do abrupt jumps inside the sands. The inside cell connections can separate and its sudden death for the battery. As for running without connecting the terminals again the car will die in 10 min when the alternator cannot discharge the generated voltage to the capacitor ie the batt and will become hot. I saw the code generated for abnormal voltage generation from the alternator 35 times in my scanner.
  12. Thank you for this extreme drive @GauravSoni. Really enjoyed the 1st part until my battery had a sudden death. Sorry if I was behaving irritated. The extreme heat was exhausting and driving me nuts. Anyways thank you friend for being with me until the recovery van came to lift the car to the garage. Except for a totally dead battery everything else is fine in the car as per the mechanic.
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