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  1. @Foxtrot Oscar, just canceled my RSVP for this drive. Need to do some car fixes. Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the drive.
  2. @Lorenzo Candelpergher, just canceled my RSVP for this drive. Need to do some car fix. Have lovely weekend.
  3. @sertac, my weekend appointments has been canceled. Can I join the drive?) sorry for to many rescheduling
  4. @Wrangeld, I have to do some stuff on the weekend. So, can you, please, remove me from the WL. Have fun, safe drives)
  5. Hello guys, I have to reschedule my weekend tasks. So, unfortunately, I will not be able to join this very interesting drive. I will exclude my name from the list. Good luck for the next one on the wait list. Have fun, safe ride. Have all lovely weekend.
  6. I would like to thank you, guys @Brette, @Nathan Evans , @Ashy, @Anand Nataraj for the well organized and very efficiently controlled morning drive in South Qudra. My feeling that we spent the majority of time driving, challenging different dunes. Very helpful advices and demonstration on self recovery. Very useful. Some shoveling and recovery add nice flavor to this trip. Great job, great drive with great people! Thanks indeed. Love to drive with Team Carnity!
  7. Thanks @Rahimdad, @Gaurav and @skumar83. Very useful. Especially for off-road beginners. Does it mean that more hard suspension is more preferable for the dunes drives? Thanks.
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