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  1. @Srikumar when can we expect the ride confirmation and convoy list 😉
  2. That's why i prefer to go fewbie. i never managed to book a fewbie ride 😁 that's why i prefer to join this one. in the end we will learn for sure. hope @Wrangeld can find a space for me 😁
  3. @Thomas Varghese you got it right my dear. it's a situation your mind can go crazy. which to choose 😁 I'll wait for the marshals to decide. i hope i don't end up with no rides 😅
  4. @WrangeldI'm on the newbie one with @Srikumar but i would prefer to be on fewbie ride. i had enough newbie rides 😁 let me know so i can remove myself from the newbie one.
  5. I read the comment and it was not clear. as i mentioned the event was not showing limit reach when i clicked "going" please allow the marshal to reply.
  6. @Wrangeld & @Thomas Varghese I'm a bit confused here. don't understand the reason of removing me from the ride? when i checked the event there was open space and i selected going?
  7. This is what I'm talking about. 😎
  8. I can sharey simple experience. I'm driving Jeep JL. In my first ever ride with other group I was advised to remove the fuse. This was the most wrong thing I ever did. For sure my car got stuck. And since there is no fuse, the computer lost some information about what is going on. It ended up no traction. And lost the 4 wheel. So it was only 2 wheel working. With even an alarm saying 4wheel service. So the car was saying bad words to me. I was pulled out. And was escorted to the exist. Before moving out I had the fuse back. As soon as I reached the entry point. I checked the car the alarm was gone and the 4 wheel was back to function. Since that time I always use the standard bottom in the car to switch the traction control and the electronic traction control. And the car was very good. I trust the engineering and the studies the factories made. So I use what they provide. If your car needs it, they will provide it. Else you don't need it. Trust the factories and don't try to be smarter than years of studies and engineering. 😁
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