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  1. @Mehmet sorry I will have to pull out due work commitment, sorry for the short notice.
  2. @Chaitanya DSorry for the late notice but I can't make it to the drive today, my daughter is not feeling well. Wish you all a safe and adventurous drive.
  3. Apologies @Mehmet Volga for the late notice but I can't make it tomorrow due some urgent commitment.
  4. Sorry guys I have to pull out as my car is still in the garage, was hoping it would finish by today😔. But hope you all have a safe and enjoyable drive, until next time.
  5. Hi @mehmet I will remove my name from the drive due to some family commitment, sorry for the late notice.
  6. @Kailas I will have to pull out due to some issues in my car, sorry for the late notice ... @Xavier Treasurer@Anoop Nair@Ranjan Das Have a nice drive boys ...
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