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  1. Thanks @Frederic I am already in Abu Dhabi close to the meeting point. So all sorted. See you in the am!
  2. Thank you @Gaurav and team. Looking forward to growing and learning more.
  3. MY wife managed to get a glimpse of a few Oryx whilst flying by 😄 Thanks again for an awesome drive!
  4. @Islam Soliman I am on Mark’s drive but I initially tried to find a spot on the Fewbie plus drive. Would exit his drive if something opens up on your drive. Thanks
  5. @Islam Soliman this would be my 2nd. But I am happy to exit the other drive if I am able to join this one?
  6. Noted. Thanks Jana. I have completed another Fewbie on Wednesday morning so have 1 left to get to 5.
  7. Werno


  8. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergher was a pleasant drive. Looking forward to another mid week escape. My my wife manage to capture the camels
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