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  1. Dear @Hisham Masaad I am afraid, due to last minute work commitments, I am obliged to apologise and withdraw from today's drive. Regards, Mohamad
  2. Dear @JeromeFJsorry for my late comment. I wanted to thank you for the lovely drive, it was really great to get back to Mahafiz and end at Al Faya. The route became very nice towards the 2nd half of the drive. I am glad we managed to find an exit point eventually at the end, as its becoming very hard to enter and exis that area due to all the fencing being erected everywhere. To the rest of the team, Great driving with you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Regards, Mohamad
  3. Thank you @Hisham Masaadfor a very nice relaxed drive, its good to drive with you again. Thank you @Fabien Monleau for your appreciated iated support. To the rest if the convoy, great driving. 👍 and look forward to seeing you all soon. Regards,
  4. Dear @Mehmet Volga I am afraid I won't be able to join due to some sudden work commitments, which just came up. Thank you so much. Enjoy brother 🙏
  5. Thank you brother @ASAD. seeing my desert buddies again offroading felt great 👍
  6. Dear @varunmehndiratta my sincer apologies, I have to withdraw, as I have just learned I will be taking a family member to the ariport in Sunday. I wish you an enjoyable drive. Regards, MMohamad Anwer
  7. Great seeing last night gentleman, and thank you everyone's for your care and nice get well messages on the carnity portal. I have been planning to send a long email, once I am fully recovered, which will follow shortly. Thank you Dr. @M.Seidamfor sharing some detailed explanation to what happend and it is obvious I had miss read the climb line. Its good to have that final closure of the accedent. Best and warm regards,
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