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  1. I am so sorry @GauravSoniI must decline due to some work related last minute complications. I wish you a great drive all. Regards, Mohsmad
  2. Thank you @Ale Vallecchifor the drive, full of technical and soft sand in many areas, I enjoyed the challange and I am sure so did my colleagues. Great support team, with many old faces I had not seen for a while, greatvtobsee you all Gents! Regards, Mohamad
  3. Hahahah 😆🤣😅😅
  4. @Davie Chasethank you for a wonderful drive, which I rather enjoyed especially after passing the first technical and bushy area! Afterwhich, the pace picked up and it was full of action. You took on the challenge of the lead, unprepared, and turned it into a fun day for all of us.! I am sure Hisham would have rather enjoyed the action, who we unfortunately missed today due to car trouble. But he knew he put us in good hands. 👍 What a great team of superb drivers, And excellent support by @Benjamin who fixed a popout in amazing speed. Look forward to another drive with you guys shortly. Regards Mohamad
  5. Sure king, sneaking out of home soon, see you in a little while inshallah. Regards,
  6. Dear @Mehmet Volga, I have heard about your role over incident 😳. I am sorry to hear about it, and I am glad to know that you and your passanger were not harmed, anything else such as the car etc. is replacable. I learned from my experience when I fliped and rolled my car, the important thing is to forget what happend, add to the experience list, and quickly come back to the desert for other drives with a much stronger character. I hope to see you soon brother. Mohamad Anwer
  7. Dear Frederick, My apologies, last minute withdrawal, due to foot injury, I am not able to drive Tomorrow !! I wish you a great drive. Mohamad
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