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  1. Ho @Hisham Masaad sorry for the delay in replying. Can i have one board as well if still available. I can pick up anywhere. Thanks a lot
  2. Thank you @Brette looking forward to be on your drive Thank you @Chaitanya D hopefully ill be able to do the night drive soon 😊 See you tomorrow 😁 Thank you 😊 Mercii mentor 🤗 looking forward to attend your drive soon 😁
  3. Thank you @Lakshmi Narasimhan 😄 see u on the drive soon Thanks fi 😁 looking forward to follow ur steps 🥰 Thank you @Gaurav
  4. Thanks all for your help and patience. Tyres all sorted for the next drive. Apologies again to have delayed the drive. Take care and see you all soon 🙂
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