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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar for the leading. The scenery was wonderful, the selection of dunes to test our cars was excellent as they allow different trajectories for the different levels and the conclusion was just perfect. Lots of positive energy and encouragement in these drives. It is great to be in the convoy again with @Veedooshee (my role model giving we have the same "underpowered" pajero ) and @Vanessa8580 (Italy-Belgium could be one of the next matches in Euro 2020) Afternoon drive not bad at all..... looking forward to do it again and again!
  2. As usual some pictures here. There is one panoramic not bad https://carnity.com/gallery/category/811-newbie-khatam-sharjah-18-jun-2021 Thank you @Brettefor the drive, the pace was not fast but some tracks not totally straighforward and some steep downhill hence a lot of fun. Great how you allowed us to play on the big dunes. @Veedooshee having you watching me so close me this time, really pushed me to do my best to not only not getting stuck but also to drive nicely and smooth. Thank you for your constant coaching and yes I starting to love and respect my car more and more.
  3. Got the same problem. Apparently there are no fuse for Airbags in Pajero....
  4. For convoy A I posted some images here https://carnity.com/gallery/category/800-newbie-murquab-dubai-11-june-2021 Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for being a fantastic Marshal. A real "Lord of the Desert"! Thanks for the progressive complexity of the track, the clear security briefing, the stops to admire the life of the desert. Nothing more and nothing less than perfect. Thanks @Veedoosheefor being my guardian angel again. For these initial drives I'm always in the first part of the convoy (which I like it btw) and I now know you are watching over me Start to getting familiar with
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