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  1. Thanks all 😁 & many thanks to the Carnity team for my promotion. It has been great getting out there with like minded people, learning new skills, of which not many other clubs teach you and/or not in as much detail/guidance. I'm really looking forward to building on my experiences, improving on the basics and getting out there on new adventures. Again many thanks
  2. Hey all, just thought I’d mention that I’m planning on camping also the night before the drive near the meeting location. I think there might be a few people up for this @Nicholas Cox1 @Srikumar. I’ll be alone as the wife has to work on Friday.
  3. Thanks at @Islam Solimanfor the solid lead today. And thank you to the support members for your experience and patience when dealing with situations as they arise. Again thank you @Islam Solimanfor noticing that my tyre pressures were too high when I had a refusal and the guidance you provided when getting me out. (Turns out the tyre pressure gauge I was using was faulty, luckily I had a couple of spares) All in all, the weather was great, if not a little chilly this morning for shorts & flip flops 🤪. The drive was great, many refusals but it’s these experiences that make us better at what we do and what we want to achieve. All the best guys have a great weekend. See you next week on our journey to Yellow Truck.
  4. Many thanks for the lead @Hisham Masaadand many thanks to the support team @Simon D @imranaasghar81 @Fabien Monleau. Had a great drive, a great time and it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Have a great weekend and hope to see you all again very soon.
  5. Hey all. Sorry this is a little later than planned. Had a great time out on Saturday, the drive was good fun with plenty of drama. The convoy was large but well managed. Thanks for the great lead @Vanessa8580and to all of the support team. hope to see you all in the sand again soon.
  6. Hey @Brette many apologies. Had to pull out of tomorrow’s drive. Got a medical emergency within the family. I hope you all have a great drive and I’ll make sure to join next time.
  7. Hi Emmanuel, This is my first time with Carnity. I have previous experience with another off road group & my car has both towing points on front & rear. See you tomorrow. thanks, Glenn
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