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  1. Mehmet, by any chance we can use other channel. I always struggle with channel 3 🙂
  2. yes I am using BF Goodrich.. they were on the car when I bought it. So would you recommend to use lighter ones for sand. if yes, which ones you recommend? I felt a decent difference just by reprogramming the gear last week as the garage advised me the gear need to be reprogrammed post upgrading tyers and it seems the old owner did not do that. However, he advised that to get the full potential given the tyers size re-gearing to 4.11 is advised. I meant big from a Fewbie perspective,. so its relative
  3. much appreciated Gaurav. Basically I am running on 33s on 17' and I believe I am not getting full potentials/torque on steep big sand dunes. I did some decent researching and it seems re-gearing is my solution. I have a 2014 JK unlimited Sahara. I would appreciate it if anyone had similar problems to share his experience.
  4. fair enough... probably if you can advise estimates of the average cost I should expect at a good shop would be it will be very helpful.
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