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  1. Apologies gents - i will need to remove myself from this drive as my wife is not feeling well. see u guys soon
  2. @Davie Chase thank you for organizing such a lovely trip to capture the sunset; it was really got me pumped up for the week. Couple of minor refusals (including mine) made this adventure even more enjoyable. Supported by @Marketa Dobesova who made sure that everyone followed her tracks, we managed to cover quite some distance considering that we exited the dunes after 8 PM. @Ignacio Quindós amazing sweep making sure that we do not leave anyone behind. @Arvind Uchil @Gautam Banka @Mohit Gurnani @Ron.P @Patrick @Juan R you were all great during the drive, which enable Davie to push the convoy a bit more. @Ron.P please get your tyre cleaned from the sand during the pop-out; otherwise you may feel some weird vibration during onroad drive. Until next time we meet, enjoy your week.
  3. Rookie mistake - set-up your calendar so that you get a reminder everyday 2 months prior to this special day!
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