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  1. this is going to be an interesting drive - short convoy.... maybe faster pace.... @Lawrence_Chehimi will be a pleasure to drive with you again after several months
  2. @Looper football is like politics.......it can get dirty
  3. @Abdul Mueed Mohammed pls check the below post from Carnity:
  4. @Abdul Mueed Mohammed welcome to the club. As @Frederic mentioned, @Michel Van Woudenberg used to drive one; I saw him driving in a couple of Fewbie + drives without any issues. Performance wise - he was super happy with the car.
  5. @MMansoor or you do not want to tell us that the car is still at the garage? LOL! Until next time mate...
  6. @Abdul Mueed Mohammed hello mate. Ford Explorer is a capable car with the 'sand mode'; I started off-roading with my Explorer 2014 model. However, the ground clearance is not great, it is not a 4x4 without low gear, and you WILL get stuck. My suggestion - try the Explorer on flat sand and small dunes - you will enjoy the drive. Dont try to take in deeper into the desert, unless you are looking at some serious modifs. Could you share a pic of your on-road beast? LOL
  7. @MMansoor strange one indeed - let me know what could have caused this when you get the final verdict from your mechanic
  8. @MMansoor well it seems that the garage is not trying to fix the issues mate!
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