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  1. Hi i am here. The map took me to a location nearby I am inflating again and coming My number is 0564551911
  2. Sorry, will not be able to join. Having cold and fever.. Removed my RSVP. see you next week.
  3. @Chaitanya D @Gaurav @Rizwanm2 thank you for the support and patience. I would definitely take all the points into account and the fan is definitely going to be there in the next drive. Thanks to all the shoveling team for the efforts and motivation.. thanks again.. 🙏
  4. @Chaitanya D 1 X20L can should be enough for 3.8/V6 Pajero right? please let me know if i need more. I also plan to be there overnight.
  5. @Mus_hus78yes, i totally agree with you, getting everything checked and updated before my next drive.
  6. @Lorenzo CandelpergherThank you for the whole support and education on the tail control🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻.. . i am getting my transmissions checked. see you next time.. @Vanessa8580I just had my 10Km service in which they checked and said the transmission oil is perfect. after my second drive with @Chaitanya D where i had this issues first time, i did manual shifting for the second drive with no issues in transmission. in this drive i just changed it to Automatic for 20mins and the heat was up, but it did not stay for long. I am getting everything checked again before the LIWA drive. if required
  7. I had also waitlisted for the morning drive. I am sure you will plan for more drive sessions as we have more enthusiasts here..
  8. Please add to waitlist. it says limited to 12 ppl and only 7 have signed up but RSVP limit reached.
  9. @Chaitanya D thank you very much for the motivation & solution, I'll get my bumper fixed soon.. see you next time..
  10. Thank you for the lessons and drive lead.. see you next time..
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