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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you all for your suggestions, After a year of waiting, I finally received the all new 2024 Jeep Rubicon Xtreme Recon from Trading Enterprise in April. I'm excited to go on drives with you all, but I'm not sure how many kilometers I should drive before going off-road. Any suggestions?
  2. How much would a full-service package for a Jeep Rubicon cost for 3 years or 5 years?
  3. Hello Guys! FYI, After some negotiations for the same specs as TE, Offroad Zone agreed to give a discount on the stock price as @Vaibhavsaid they are buying vehicles from Abu Dhabi, so it comes with 3 years warranty, an Extra warranty of 2 years, and a service package 3 years will cost an additional AED 11000/-; total would be AED 2,46000/- whereas at TE it was 254900/- If we choose Offroad Zone, optional modifications are also covered by warranty.
  4. Also, attached the configuration sheet😊 Wrangler Sport (4-Door) - Spec Sheet MY23.pdf
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I visited Jeep Trading, they informed me that the Wrangler I was looking for was out of stock and wouldn't be available until mid-June; they confirmed that the warranty would not be void as long as the parts used are genuine and installed correctly, and that the lift kit height shall not exceed 2.5 inches because Jeep does not recommend higher kits for safety reasons. Since the Rubicon was not available, they cannot give an Offical quote, but these were the initial costs (attached the screenshot) - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2023 ex-showroom price - AED 254900/- - Insurance - AED 7162/- - Paint protection Graphene - AED 3999/- - Warranty - 5 years - Roadside assistance- 5 years Ramadan offer : - Service maintenance- 3 years or 60000KM, whichever comes first - First year registration fee Any chance of negotiations here on the stock price? I didn’t haggle over the price as item wasn’t in the stock. Demand is also very high.
  6. It was nice talking to you, and I appreciate your guidance; standing down from today's night drive and instead join more daytime ones before choosing a night drive again. Thank you for being so kind. Enjoy your drive
  7. @Varun Mehndiratta thanks! I'm not sure what modifications or detailing I want to make in the future. Still, I'm certain I like the aesthetics of the upgraded Jeep Rubicon, so I might at least get 35-inch tires and spacers to make it look more comprehensive, as well as a 2.5-3.5 inch lift and electronic steel side steps. Do these simple modifications void the warranty? If so, I should also check out the Jeepers edition to see their configuration and learn more about their warranty policy for the modifications.
  8. Hello Chaitanya; this is Vijay. I’m joining Carnity Night Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai - 8 Apr 2023 Can you advise where I can purchase a walkie-talkie? I was at ace hardware for a shovel and the radio, but they are not selling the radios. I got a trifold bush ranger shovel Can I have your contact number? @Chaitanya D or, pls call me at 0526471735
  9. I appreciate your suggestions. I fully agree with you both @Looper@Gaurav; I will visit Jeep Trading soon to see their configuration, price, services, and warranty. Additionally, to check whether they have any promotions during Ramadan. I will keep you guys posted. Also, I've heard that this summer, 2023, Jeep will introduce an improved Wrangler. Still, I'm unsure when these upgraded Vehicles will be made available to UAE Customers? what would be the usual lead time after the launch? Should I buy the current Rubicon or wait for the new one? Any thoughts to share here? Happy Easter!
  10. Hello, I plan to purchase a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2023; what is the difference between buying at Jeep Trading Enterprises(al Futtaim) and Jeepers Edition? Also, What additional fees will be added to the ex-showroom price? Thanks
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