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  1. Hi @M.Seidam I would loved to join your convoy today, I am so sad cause I know your trips are awesome as usual and hope you all enjoying the trip. I am sorry for matters out side my hand stand against joining the your convoy.
  2. Thank you all and special thank you for @M.Seidam for rescue and lending me his battery to get my car out of the middle of the desert. Even after all gone, he waited with me till the technician complete my battery swap job. my apology to all convoy member for delay occurred. It was learning experience and we now know that in order to get Jeep startup we need to replace the entire battery( jump start seems not enough for Jeep) if dies it gone
  3. Thanks @Imteeaz I was really on the edge last ride (almost felt bored), holding myself for the next level. Now I feel as I am going for my 1st ride again with full of excitement
  4. Hi @Hisham Masaad I have submitted my application and picture 2 weeks ago and received nothing yet for my promotion to Fewbie, please advise
  5. Dear @Hisham Masaad, Good morning I have submitted my promotion request but received nothing on my email so far. Will I be assessed tomorrow morning for promotion to Fewbie? Regards, Mohamed Sherif
  6. Dear Hisham @Hisham Masaad, This a self declaration to transfer my 6 trips done outside Carnity in different places around UAE mainly sweihan and Al madam. I need to be assessed against being promoted to Fewbie Regards, Mohamed Sherif
  7. Dear Mohamed @M.Seidam, I was about to write here a self declaration to be promoted to fewbie since I did over 6 trips outside Carnity (other platform) in different places around UAE mainly Sawihan and Al Madam. Also I did 1 offroader trip with that club and I did very well crossing crescent.
  8. Hi @Hisham Masaad Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year and Color. Jeep Wrangler 2019 modified (35” tires) - black Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Confirmed Confirm your car has 4x4 Hi/Low gear confirmed Share details of your prior off-road experience, if any. Zero experience Have you completed a Carnity Master Class before? no Confirm you have a safety flag, programmable radio, and air compressor I got a flag, Radio and deflator but I haven’t got an air compressor yet Also before the drive, please ensure and CONFIRM you completed the readings below and watched the video: confirmed
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