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  1. Will be much needed, looking forward Thats a good one but maybe save it to intermediate make it worthwhile, maybe i should introduce a separate guideline promotion for crest levels. Will need @Davie Chase on board since he gave me that nickname
  2. Can’t wait to join the FB+ drives and properly crest on higher dunes. Thank you all
  3. Miraculously fun drive with you @Ale Vallecchi as always. Everyone started in the beginning to adjust to the soft sands of badayer and gaining confidence by all of us. We went as planned through the higher dunes and some really fun bowls midway celebrating @Stumpy birthday up there. With just a handful of refusals and a couple of stucks. closing it out with the technical shorter and closer dunes that led us along the fence to faqaa and amongst some nice camel farms at sunset.
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