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Hani crest king has been promoted to Fewbie Plus level


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Congratulations @Hani crest king for reaching the Fewbie Plus Level with Carnity Offroad Club.

Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment.

Please make sure your Carnity user profile is always updated with all the latest Emergency contact details.

P.S. Trip lead might deny your participation if you don't have required off-road gear.


Drives Attended (Indicative)

Minimum 10 Fewbie drives are required within last 6 months for Fewbie Plus promotion.

What you'll learn

  • Advance dune and sand reading
  • Advance recovery techniques
    • Rocking and crawling to make path
    • Learn to flatten/compact soft sand patch
    • Self recovery from crest
  • Advance side sloping and long hill climb
  • Advance ridge riding and criss crossing
  • Advance control over technical dunes
  • Slightly faster pace desert driving
  • FULLY control and avoid fishtailing
  • Never fight or challenge gravity

Skills required

  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Willingness to learn and help others
  • Extremely attentive and focused while driving

Car Worthiness

  • Any 4x4 vehicle with low range gearing
  • Suitable approach and departure angle
  • Bash plate and skid plate protected

Off-road gear required

Safety flag, tire deflator, tire pressure gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio (walkie-talkie), air compressor.

Drive teamwork

  • Manage second lead and sweep positions upon request
  • Intuitive and proactive to support Trip Lead
  • Observe recoveries and offer help, when needed

Drive Joining

Join Newbie, Fewbie and Fewbie Plus drives

Forum participation

  • Active participation on the forum
  • Share drive experience + feedback
  • Share drive pictures in the gallery
  • Post trip report after the drive
  • Like (+1) 2
  • Thanks (+1) 1

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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16 hours ago, Davie Chase said:

Congrats @Hani crest king well deserved, look forward to seeing you on one of my Fb+ drives 😃😃

Will be much needed, looking forward

10 hours ago, DP1011 said:

Congratulations @Hani crest king ! Well deserved! Now u do u plan to promote the name to Hani Crest Emperor?😂

Thats a good one but maybe save it to intermediate make it worthwhile, maybe i should introduce a separate guideline promotion for crest levels. Will need @Davie Chase on board since he gave me that nickname

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