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  1. Sharjah classic car museum

    This place seems very nice and worth a visit def for car fanatics. Can't imagine how older engineering were so basic without any useless complication.
  2. Been to GNFD once and it wasn't exactly as I was expecting. So sorry I am out.
  3. I suspect few things to doubt that you might not be using correct grade of engine oil as suggested by Mercedes. It's also worth double checking the spark plug specifications and you might not be using colder plug that take sometime to warm and become normal thereafter.
  4. How to stop fading of car paint?

    I am in love with black color but due to extra heat I started switching to darker shades of grey, burgundy and brown but still I notice paint fades up in all the cars I had/have. What is the cure of this issue apart from a repainting the whole car?
  5. Subaru Legacy

    Good one.
  6. Thanks Vanhack, for lovely experience sharing and suggestion. Although I haven't paid any attention to Fortuner, but will defintely see fortuner and patrol. Your Y61 is the 2 door or 4 door model and which year?
  7. Thanks Saleem, will look into your suggested options and see whose driving feel matches my taste, as I like the car that speaks to the driver than driving with its own head.
  8. Hi Saleem, thanks for nicely explaining the limitations. TBH, I am highly influence with Land Rover as a brand, but I have no preference on door, seats, engine, brand or luxury. Anything within the budget of 40-50k should be enough. All I want is capable desert ride that can take me and my wife (occasionally) everywhere we want. Some minor off-road mods is fine, but I am not big fan of extreme modifications.
  9. Many thanks Saleem, once again to hold me from my temptation. Can you please suggest which 4x4 is good for sand desert driving in hot climate and winter? I am curious has LR designed such sensitive transfer case for GCC specs even? Shame on them.
  10. Watch these please guys and you might reconsider your suggestions and opinions. Please be honest, I again fell in love with it after seeing these videos. Land Rover LR3 Kicking Japanese (land cruiser prado) and American (jeep wrangler) best 4x4 in market. Really rugged with articulated body and chassis. AWESOME 4x4 response in such a dirty spot, haven't seen any Jap's even inch closer to this response.
  11. Thanks Saleem, can you please specify what you mean by saying long term driving means regularly driving for 4-8 hours at one stretch or regular weekly desert driving? Thanks Barry, for having a good suggestion and cons highlighted for the selection but I am evaluating cars on hp+torque over the weight to get most capable ride for desert. Unfortunately I can't get these numbers in any japanese 4x4, btw which 4x4 other than land cruiser you suggest? IMHO land cruiser has a desert safari impression.
  12. I need some opinion here on how is Land Rover LR3 - V8 - 2008-2009 model (end of LR3) for Sand driving in Dubai and Sharjah Sand desert? I am not a dune basher, but a dune cruiser and like to buy this so sometime I can enjoy a peaceful drive without getting stuck. 4.4 liter V8 Jaguar AJ engine producing 300 hp (224 kW) @ 5500 rpm, 315 lb·ft (427 N·m) @ 4000 rpm must be awesome for desert with a 2.4 ton weight?
  13. Absolutely yes and I think there is another better idea is to install governor (speed limiter) in the car for 30 days and set its max speed to 60 kmph, so that driver cannot exceed this speed and live with this for a month and he will be automatically force to drive in slow lane for 30 days as he can't overtake anyone. His familiarization with slowest lane will help him drive appropriately in the future.
  14. Next question is: Now what after 142....Pokemon Go? and second question is how many people or roads he harm while catching 142 pikachu? Shame on you 142er! It's really unbelievable to see how grown up adults doing this sort of stupidities these days. Is there is any cash motivation in the game that increases if you get more pikachu's? As I never played this game before.
  15. It an excellent points explained by salmanahmed, I only like to expand his last but not least point that mechanic's being in authoritative position can very easily brainwash customer mind in seconds. They love showing off the big drum they have for crappy brand and portraying that he himself is using same in his own car and other 20 cars that he service daily. This is the most common logic that is served worldwide, but my question or way to analyze the situation is bit different: My car is different from other 20 brands. So best is to go with OEM recommendation in the owners manual for the right type and specification. If you don't have owner's manual google fact as relying on the dealers info is also risky as some dealers twist and turn real requirement sometime for their business benefit and when you confront them they act dumb and say 10W40 and 20W40 is almost same and why I am talking too much.....? Once you 100% know which spec oil you want and which type synthetic or mineral then google the fact that your car manufacturer endorse or recommend which motor oil and go with them. This way you are super safe and steer clear from the crap sold in market for couple of bucks profit to screw your engine life.