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  1. brandan

    No More Carpooling in UAE

    Most of the developed countries are encouraging the car sharing or even the ride (taxi) sharing ideas now so that they can reduce the traffic, pollution, reduce emission, reduce use of natural resources etc. I humbly request RTA and Dubai Police to find a better way to deter crime or abuse possibility than this blanket rule. Everyday during morning and evening office hours we see over 90% cars with single person inside means, not good. Possibility of using the public transport is a good idea, but it need to be capable in handling end to end solution and not take 1 hour instead of 15 mins drive. Carpooling with friends and colleagues should be allowed if they are living in same or nearby area and going to work in same office.
  2. I got that one without any promise to share, good luck to all
  3. This good one and let me make them tie.
  4. So most auto giants have one company below average and at least one above their standard, nice strategy to skim all type of people.
  5. brandan

    Devel Sixteen BS or real

    Get a life guys
  6. brandan


    V6 stopped in 2007-8 and since then Grand is grand enough on 4 wheels and 4 cylineders
  7. Very interesting read here:
  8. This is crazy but knowing US company background like GM brands seeing following the same path of Chevrolet, Dodge and GMC in 2008
  9. The biggest problem of saving the world is that everyone thinks that someone will save it
  10. brandan

    New Motor Sport That I Might Actually like

    Maybe Ford raptor can be used here to test its strength, if not the 3.5 V6 boosted engine, lol.
  11. brandan

    Stars in user profile

    Why I cant like more than 10 post?
  12. brandan

    SUV Choice

    There are other nice offroad + luxury options are there to consider: Land Rover LR3 and LR4, Dodge Durango, Chevrolet Tahoe and Trailblazer, Ford Raptor,.
  13. brandan

    Stars in user profile

    Maybe it's a way of quickly telling how good member is in terms of his forum participation quality wise?
  14. brandan

    Mazda 3 Alternative Gear Oil

    See the exact specs and quantity required and then google it to find any good brand who sells and change in dubai. You can also check in shj bmw road they sell almost all oem spare parts and lubes at half the dealer pricing with instant availability.
  15. brandan

    Buying a USED Muscle car?

    5.0 Ford Mustang V8 is the only real muscle among the pussy cat's. If budget above 100K go for 2014/15 model, if below anywhere in range of 2010 - 2013 model should be good enough. Don't buy car without service history, come what may. Period.