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  1. Sounds like weak motor, so source one from scrapyard in sharjah sajja and save a fortune or buy new one. When you know which part is required, then why pay 10k to someone to debug this. It's age of the motor, makes it weak. I had same in my BMW Z few years back - its same story as boot struts, after certain years they dont push or contract nicely.
  2. Interesting results, may be the alternator is not delivering enough juice and this blip happening when it sucks the battery to last drop. How many amp alternator you have? Try same music with all electrical load and without electrical load and see if volume run pass 30 mark without blip.
  3. Check if your head unit sending signal at required Ohm to the speakers, as if that is not matching then some strange issue like this may happen.
  4. New set of RTA fines for all UAE emirates gonna be implemented soon and they seem to be very strict this time with heavy monetary fines, impounding vehicles and black points. All passengers seat belt is mandatory or fine for 400 dhs - VERY NICE Drunk driving - license bye bye for 1 year - AMAZING Best is reckless driving now 3000 dhs fine with 23 black points and 60 days vehicle impounding. WOW EXCELLENT I can see some great and really thoughtful thinking in authorities head before coming up with such nice penalties for road users here. It's really much needed considering the everyday traffic madness. Good job RTA and Police
  5. To be honest, Range are notorious in maintenance but not as bad as you mentioned in breaking down so much in 80K. It must be the case of reverse odometer as all Al Tayer sold RR have 5 year warranty or 250,000 Kms whichever comes first.
  6. Have a nice drive guys and post lot of pictures and video, as I wanted to join but in-laws pulled me %&^&Y*YGYUT^%^&%&*
  7. Im also waiting for this free offer
  8. No, not all are same
  9. 600+ from 3.5 litres, technology is growing at exorbitant pace man.
  10. Awesome man, this is so cool stuff
  11. I am more than sure this thread will win with Aluminum choice, but I am not saying the aluminium that comes in stock cars that has single core and plastic tank. I meant for full aluminium choice used for real performance.
  12. They should have sell it instead of killing such an exotic beauty. Pretty sad to see this, can't imagine the owner's condition.
  13. Thanks guys, Merry Christmas
  14. Ford is a good bet and Subaru too but subaru will loose a lot on resale as no one want it here. Another good and fun to drive option is VW Golf if you can afford it. Second option in big block American V8 are Camaro, Challenger and Mustang.
  15. Has your car overheated lately? Check your coolant and tell if it's reducing in quantity frequently? Check your engine oil and tell if it's turned milky or have traces of water or coolant? Slimy feel and no longer feel like oil.