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  1. Cruise is good for empty and straight road and help save fuel by constant accelaration to deliver constant sped. when road goes up and down or sideways then cruise is bad as it will keep on pushing gas higher to maintain that deseired fix speed in that case better to hold constant acceleration by foot and let speed go up and down to get best fuel mileag
  2. Hello mr. toyota repair crap fake workshop. REPLY and explain yourself or else i will keep bumping this post whenver it gies down the new topics. Because Im free as you said before ------ One thing is confirmed that you are so free to read & comment on our post,
  3. Thanks guys, for clarifying the doubts.
  4. Even if this happen, how they can filter workshop based on their ripping capabilities like this cars clinic example?
  5. Seriously you like Kia and it's keychain or you are just making fun here? Epic sarcasm
  6. Have you guys also noted that there is a huge varaince in showing speed through mobile gps or dash mount gps units vs the car speedometer. I want to know why there is a varaince and how to fix either of them or calibrate them to show same figure.
  7. Good job barry in challenging them technically. I am desperately waiting to hear his reply. Btw, I was about to go to them recently but with quick google search with cars clinic review or cars clinic dubai review i stumbled on gaurav fact stating thread and changed my decision. I hope that they should appear in search result with "Salim Ali Bin Haider Garage" or "Salim Ali Bin Haider Garage review" which they are not at the moment.
  8. Shame on you mr. toyota repair crap fake workshop.
  9. You can get a private villa for 2-3 bedroom in 400-500 dhs and share tge cost among 2/3 families. I think my brother used airbnb to book, worth checking with thhem anyways.
  10. Indeed it's a brilliant question to give some idea that how much parts reliability and total harmony forms a single car and how much possibilities exists to all or few to go wrong to make your car ownership experience a living hell. In my estimate today world car in 2016-2017 model each car must be having over 200-300 critical components and 6000-8000 non critical components. This numbers will be more in German cars as they like to stuff their cars too much and lesser in Japanese.
  11. There could be leaking compressor gas and making some grinding noise, and AC cooling quality also deplete as treks as if A/C still working with same as before quality?
  12. They are not building, they are just considering........! you know what i mean.........!
  13. Well if you have any documentation from past that says that RTA has failed the car in past or if they can show in their system then you can use those evidence and challenge them back that all previous faults / doubts must have been clarified as they have passed the car last year. Hope you understand what I am trying point...!
  14. @Rahimdad don't take things personally, I didn't meant for you or for people like you who really understand the meaning of fastest / overtaking lane is to drive close to the max speed limit / use for overtaking slow moving vehicle on your right. Which is absolutely acceptable. Trust me everyday, I see these asshole like they have nothing else in life other than enjoying this fingering the fast moving traffic. The reason I called them ass holes are no matter how close I go to them, no matter how much light I blink, no matter how much beep beep i do, no matter how long I stay behind their ass - THEY NEVER MOVE AWAY. In the end I get a chance on right lane and overtake these monkeys from right and they are sitting inside blacked out car with cruise set at 80. There should be some hefty fines for these monkeys as they delay 1000's of car behind them literally.
  15. For original poster: you won't get fine nor the flash at 90 on the road speed limit of 100. This new friendly radar will flash but not fine at 110 and flash and fine at 121. Hope it's clear now