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  1. I still wouldn't get one, find them ugly and too pretentious.
  2. Fortunately the SUV I have now has pretty decent safety rating
  3. Well that's exactly the problem with older cars. Instead of absorbing the impact. They transfer all that energy to its occupants.
  4. Best route in my view would be to take the costal road up from Ras Al Khaimah into musandam. AFAIK no visit visa holders can go or comeback because it's a single entry visa. Once you exit from any border your visa is up.
  5. I don't care what anyone says. There is still place for lame dad jokes in this world.!
  6. Excuse Me! Seems like every one got up on th grumpy side of their beds today.
  7. Well times have changed since the first one came out, now there are many YouTubers who are doing actual builds of "fancy cars" and coming up with some real good content. I rather watch that than some made up stuff. Ironically one is actually doing a rebuild of a screen used orange Lambo that was used in one of the fast and furious movies. It's pretty interesting to see how the production team just used it as just some ordinary junk car. With a real bad paint job, in house fab badly fitting body kits. A roll cage that totally ruined the interior. Shoddy wire splice jobs to bypass the security system so on and so forth. It only had to look good on screen from 20 feet away. So its a pretty interesting to see the guy try to reverse the hack jobs and bring it back into shape. Mush more interesting than watching CGI cars chasing a CGI plane down and infinitely long run way.
  8. There is only so much of that you can do before everybody gets bored of it. And after around a gazillion sequels everybody is pretty much bored of it. It's spin off time!
  9. Jeez Pajero parts seem to be on fire! Get a used one preferably if you can get one one from a Japanese half cut. My Discovery pissed out all its steering just as I pulled into the RTA right in front of the seller, Needless to say I would have it fixed and ready in a few hours the guy didn't buy it. Anyway I bought a used one for 150 and fixed it my garage. Lasted for many many years with the new owner. Till the last time I bumped into him anyways.
  10. LOOL. That actually did make me laugh. That is actually true !
  11. Incidentally I was just thinking about this. There is a small YouTube channel called auto auction rebuilds and he routinely does videos of crashed cars in auction yards. And even after some decent crashes I notice the how much less damage the passenger compartment takes. Great strides have been made in automotive safety in the past 20-30years. Where cars are designed with crumple zones and for the crash energy to transfer around the cabin rather than through it. Add to those the new srs seatbelts and multiple airbags. Chances today of surviving a pretty hard crash are very high compared to just few years ago. Also for some sadistic reason I watch a lot of NCAP ans EUROCAP crash test videos too.
  12. Old man I still won't reply to your PMs!
  13. Is there anything more cringy than that intro peice And whats with those 70s John Lennon shades!
  14. Thread was "Basic know hows" nothing better than an owners manual for that. And seems like you are also guilty of not reading your owners manual, every Land Rover I've owned has a section on what to do before as well as after you go off road! Ok granted its not much but its there. P.S : I my earlier post I ment toyota and Prado and not Mitsubishi and Jero. So many Pakero threads on this forums one naturally assumes we are talking about a jero.
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