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  1. desertdude

    Cars you've never seen before

    Wasn't this what the original Bat mobile based on by Barris
  2. desertdude

    Peugeot E-legend

    So now mustang being rebadged as Peugeot in Europe?
  3. desertdude

    Cars you've never seen before

    Been fascinated with the Aston Martin Lagonda ever since I first saw it in the early 1990s The hard edged angles, the three headlight per side cluster and the all digital dash and single spoke steering I think its awesome looking. The inside is just as angular as the outside
  4. desertdude

    Dubai Based Careem Quits Turkey Market

    Dont bring conversion rates into the equation otherwise a taxi ride in Zimbabwe probably costs a billion Zimbabwean dollars
  5. desertdude

    Tesla 3 ..- 5 techy things to know!

    One thing I do is , its a bad idea to buy a Tesla, not because its a bad car but because of the company and CEO treats their customers like shit. First you couldn't even buy a single screw and install it yourself, Only Tesla sells tesla parts and no one else ( hence the big market in salvage Teslas to be used as parts ) and all work to be carried out only by tesla approved shops and last I heard now they are saying all body work will only be done at the Tesla factory. So if you ding your car, you have to send the car to the Tesla factory in california to get it repaired, not to mention when in 3-5 years you need to replace your entire battery, thats going to cost you your left arm and right testicle. Too expensive and too much of a hassle to be driving.
  6. desertdude

    Why German car paints are so superior?

    Next you'll tell us you have the obligatory token black friend too right
  7. desertdude


    If you've worked on Nissan's you'll realise most V engines have that sucker buried inside.
  8. desertdude

    Why German car paints are so superior?

    Errr...price. Go to youtube and search for and look at how a rolls royce is manufactured and then search for some other cheap mass produced car and see how they are made and painted.World of difference. Dipping is not actually painting the car, its a series of chemical baths for corrosion prevention and sometimes a final bath for primer. Its the type of paint and how many coats of paint and clear are sprayed on then polished by hand and the post paint inspection in a special room with bright lights and gone over by a team of inspectors, imperfections marked and either sent back for polishing ot even repainting.
  9. desertdude

    1997 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Owner Review

    Don't think any survived LOL
  10. desertdude

    Why German car paints are so superior?

    Always, always look at the painters work before you give in your car for any paintjob. Visit the workshop, see what kind of prep work is being done, see a car thats already in the booth being painted and look at some jobs that have been done and waiting for delivery. There are tons of good painters here who have learned from years of experience if not decades, but if you go to the workshop and insist on paying absolutely the bottom dollar then expect crappy work. Not always the case but in majority of the cases. @Gaurav got his Pajero repainted around year or so back we went had a look at the shop first, once satisfied only then gave the car in for the job. I think he went and asked or actually supplied a better quality paint later on. Job was a good one from what I recall. @ Barry's borderline racist comments, the less said the better.
  11. desertdude


    Easier said than done for you but with a population whom 90% can't even change a tyre on their own, you expect them to dismantle a dashboard? And garages here charge an arm an a leg for something like that. That's where I'm getting at. I've done a few dashes in my time and still would rather bypass the useless ( in this climate and country) heater rather than waste time and money trying to fix a heater, which I will never use. Can't even remember the last time I thought I needed one in my car. No wait, actually I can remember very well I needed a heater, it was Jan 2009 very early morning around 4 am on the Hamim road heading down to Liwa to set up base camp for the around the UAE off road event. It was very cold that morning and my Land Rover Discovery Series I engine wasn't even reaching temp, so did the old trucker trick of blocking 3/4th of my front grill with a piece of cardboard. So yeah 9 years ago I needed a heater in my car, haven't needed one since. So clearly something one can live without in these parts.
  12. desertdude

    The diesel appreciation thread

    Yup you got it, no love for oil burners here, thought you were going to post something interesting, diesel related. Just go to Emirates road and you see loads of trucks. My interest in trucks is only limited to playing Eurotruck 2
  13. desertdude

    My new ride

    Sorry all gone for the Takata recall.
  14. desertdude


    Overheating! That needle is on the first mark on the cool side. What makes you think your car is "overheating" I think you have other problems, get a diagnostic code reading and live data feed before you start throwing more money and Parts at it.
  15. desertdude


    Yeah so this VS A simple bypass :D