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  1. Simple law of averages, the more of a car you see on the roads, the more widely available the parts are, new and used. And the Mazda seems like it has pretty much given up on the UAE to capture a decent segment of the market, failed to bring in their awesome sports lineup, even the worlds most popular convertible roadster the RX5/Miata never went on sale here.
  2. LOL so true. Once sitting at the lights in Sharjah in my old range rover. I just felt like giving it a few revs just to hear that V8 burble, it came with a slightly modified exhaust from factory, while I had my head buried in the instrument gauges and playing with the revs, I looked up and right next to me a Sharjah Police Pardo had pulled up and was looking at me!!!! He signaled to pull the window down, I, by now pretty embarrassed and pretty sure I was looking at a decent fine! Salam Alaikum Wa Alaikum What are doing? just picked up my car from the garage and checking if the engine missing has been fixed ( Utter BS and luckly I was close to industrial area ) Coming from the garage eh! Ahh..yess Engine missing huh Ahh yess..yes....Gave it another rev Hmmmm....ok yallah carry on Phew!!!! What a close call My lucky stars, quick thinking and decent Arabic saved the day me thinks! So yeah, moral of the story don't play the fool !!!
  3. That has to be the dumbest thing I've seen on the interwebz for a long time and trust me Ive seen some dumb $hit. This is like the satwa ricer mod that the shababs use to do back int the 90s just take a nail and hammer in a few holes in the muffler.
  4. I wouldnt go near off road zone with the kathara jeeps they rent out at exorbitant prices. Put in a little more money and get your own. With the economic downturn and gas prices creeping up and it being summer its a buyers market out there for cars, specially 4x4s. Cars selling for crap prices. Personally I would stay away from sheeps but thats my eternal hate for sheeps speaking.
  5. Knock engine? Really doesn't explain much. Replacement or rebuild is going to be expensive. With the slump in the market Ive seen them go for as low as 15k. So there is something to think about! Maybe buy another one and keep this as a donor car perhaps?
  6. Whats wrong with it?
  7. Too late to the thread, but from your first post I was 90% sure it was the battery. A weak battery will cause all sorts of error codes in modern cars so that route is almost not worth taking.
  8. I'm assuming you mean air springs/shocks because you cant have hydraulic and air the same time, hydraulic is fluid based. Anyways in Sharjah they can just replace your air bladder on the same shock, at 500dhs per corner but you have take out the shocks your self and them get fitted later too
  9. Why is it whenever there is mention of diesel oil. I seem to find that thread! As most know by now Ive been exclusively using that on my older range rovers! Anyways the point is correct to consult your owners manual, but sad thing is no one does. All manuals, all those that I have seen recommend different viscosity oils for different ambient temps the car is going to be driven up. Usually contains a small chart. In the UAE we can get away with 40w as its hot most of the times. You can even use 50w in peak summer time like now.
  10. What about the 3 digit Rolls Royce driving scammer ?
  11. Since this uses voltage, wouldn't it drain the car battery if the car is left standing for a while? Specially here whwre the tint will have to be activated even when parked because of the sun. Just saying.
  12. Wasnt there a recent law introduced, that allowed people to service cars outside and not have their warranty voided?
  13. First world problems! I mean come on, seriously?
  14. Bose developed a better system 10 yrs ago,always, wondered why it never made it to the market. Not only does it work for potholes but also bumps and cornering. Although now cars do have active cornering suspension
  15. so you can imagine the other one is also in similar shape