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  1. I can understand the FJ people, that car has horrible visibility all around. It's like siting in a deep box with tiny holes to your sides and front. No rear visibility to speak off. They do the best they can being almost blind. As for the rest if I drove a car worth over half a million Id park like that too avoid shopping trolley rash and mall crawler dents.
  2. A friend and I saw one the other day in Shj industrial area, and we were laughing our asses off as to look at that fool whose put Maserati badges on a Hyundai. Only to find out a few days later it was an actual Maserati after reading about it! We really thought It was a Hyundai with Maserati badges and we got a good look at it too as we were just behind it stopped at the lights for a few minutes in traffic and wasn't just a passing look.
  3. Ah, my old safari route, just remember to stay out of those small white dunes to your left next to the flat wadi,
  4. Guess I'm doomed then! With the numbers and makes given above by Ethan Both my cars are British, one is 19yrs old and the other is 14yrs old. Both over 220,000kms. O_O
  5. Yes, drummer and producer, unfortunately sold my kit ages ago, now I'm all in the box.
  6. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, never be afraid to fail. If people stopped developing technology if they failed in their first few attempts, we would probably still be living in the stone age. I'm on the fence on this whole thing. Self driving cars could be useful, who wants to drive and hour to and from work in bumper to bumper traffic. You could let the car drive itself home and you relax with a movie or catch some Zzzzs, but on other occasions when out having fun, I would want to drive myself. So it does have its uses. I don't understand what's the point of driverless races other than to refine said technology. Hoe many times has one just sat back on his PlayStation and watched an entire race with all cars being controlled by the console. Because this is what this would be like just for real.
  7. Quite the intriguing plot,eh! And yeah not into JDM culture or animies either.
  8. Fell asleep 3 minutes in watching boring animation of two corollas driving the same bends again and again. And what's that suppose to shooting out of the brake lights?
  9. That's what I thought even though the Tag itself does have something built into it, I think they just changed their minds, maybe too expensive to implement, too many cars crossing at the same time causing some interference, maybe sometime in the future, who knows, but as of now, you don't need to stick or even have the tag physically present in your vehicle. Does make me wonder why all the instructions on how and where exactly to stick it on your car? Earlier I use to stick it on my sunroof or just cut out everything and just leave the tiny square with the logo on it.
  10. This might come as a surprise, it certainly did to me when I found out, that you actually do not need to physically install the tag on your vehicle. A friend told me this sometime back, he has around 12 cars none of them have tags installed so the last time I got a car I did the same and now my salik tag sits at home in my drawer and I still get charged everytime I cross a gate. If you look at the gates they all have cameras installed in every lane and at night have bright lights to light up the plates. I believe the plates are read automatically through OCR by the cameras. P.S : This doesn't mean you don't need to buy a tag and register for salik, just don't need to install the tag on your vehicle
  11. Plus you can also buy extended warranty contracts after the original warranty expires
  12. RTFM
  13. I was going to suggest Henry too, but Barry beat me to it!
  14. Make the tree huggers all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking they've saved the planet with their pathetic tampon on wheels
  15. Tahoe any day of the week and twice on Sunday. This whole realibilty thing is now just nothing but a myth now. Jap cars have just about as much electrickery than anything else and neither is maintenance or parts any cheaper. Tahoe much more roomier much more options a better ride and wasn't hit by every branch on the ugly tree on it ways down like the Land Cruiser. Tahoe is a solid cruiser and many in safaris also use this and i know some that are over 250k Plus kms and still look and drive great. I will also thrown in the Toyota Sequoia in this mix. That thing is big and comfortable and the engine on that is super bitchin 0-100 in just over 6 secs can smoke most sedans and So called sports coupes in a straight line drag, with 3rd row seats which can actually seat 2 adults comfortably. Also look into the Nissan Armada. Going cheap nowadays and Sequoia standards to boot