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  1. Screenwash in engine oil

    Similarly I had a friend (who owned a car accessory shop in Shj) I was visiting him, and while walking towards him I saw him under the hood of his car, struggling with something with a pair of pliers, as I got close, he finally managed to pull out whatever he was fighting with under the hood. Upon closer inspection he had managed to rip out a battery terminal from his maintenance free AC delco battery ! I asked him why the hell did you do that for!!! He said he was having issues with starting his car and someone had told him to inspect and top up water in the battery if it needed. And since these two terminals were the only things he could see, he thought these were the screw tops !!! :-/ I have a few more of these real life auto stupidity stories, which I can relate if people find them interesting
  2. Screenwash in engine oil

    Friend told me a similar story long long late 90s probably, his boss told his office boy to go check and fill his radiator. So he did, he came back and told him it was empty and he filled it to the top. The boss thanked him and continued to work. At the end of the day just when he was about to get into his car, he thought he would have a look and he did. The rad wasnt full as the office boy told him. So just out of curiosity he opened the engine oil cap and low and behold it was filled with water till the brim.
  3. X6 : Pointless Sunny : Ecobox Wrangler : Wannabe Patrol : Its alright Tang Ecoboost : Poser LC : Overpriced Bentayga : Following Porsche making everything look like a 911. In this case a Mulsane
  4. Best way to protect paint on road trips?

    Lux Dish washing soap
  5. Buying a USED Muscle car?

    Just makes sure its a proper muscle cars with a V8. Rest its all relative, you dont buy a muscle for economics, reliability or any of those other "sane" reasons. You buy a muscle car for its character and attitude. For example my personal choice would be a Camaro, specially if I could get an older 80s IROC Z. Stangs not really a fan and also becauseof the negative stigma attached with stang drivers. The new Dodges look bland to me with no character, maybe the hellcat but only because of the motor. So throw all the sanity out of the window and go for the one he really likes. Hey you only live once and its only money
  6. Cheap sand tyres!

    Fixed ( hopefully ) was a photobucket thing
  7. Cheap sand tyres!

    Shaheen Sand Tyres, without a doubt, the best tyres I've used for sand. Also very safe as they are steel belted radials unlike the 900s, which also don't develop flat spots when parked overnight and need to be warmed up for a while. Also very very smooth on road and not at as dangerous people make them out to be during the two days it rains here. Only ever set of tyres I bought new, twice. One for my Land Cruiser which served double duty on safaris everyday and my Discovery which did some weekend warrior-ing but mostly used as a daily driver. Also they are manufactured in Japan at the same plant that makes Dunlops so you know they are reliable unlike 900s mostly made in Thailand. Also the only tyre Ive seen with a temperature rating of AA. When I last got them they were 320 a piece. You can buy directly from the sole dealer in Rashidiya. There are also Dunlop Grand Trek Sand Tyres. Don't confuse them with regular Grandtreks, which are shyte, These have a similar thread to The Shaheens and 900s. My Friend had them on his Jeep Craprokee and he liked them. Also rare as rocking horse shit, impossible to find since almost no one stocks them, we were only able to source a set of new ones in Madam. LTXs I won't mention as they are nearly 1000 a piece now. My Land Cruiser with the Shaheens and BuShanab wheels Stuck in Liwa by myself, Driving fully inflated on Shaheens My Discovery also on Shaheens My friends Craprokee on Sand Grand Treks
  8. It puts your entire transmission in neutral, You could be in D,P or but if that one is in N the car wont move and that is teh transmission should be in when wheels on the ground towing an auto car
  9. Specifically for the LC100 the early generation manuals came with H2 : Regular everyday driving with power only going to the rear wheels H4 : 4wd mode the front and rear diffs are locked to each other, think of it as only one drive shaft running from the front to the back, if the front turns the rear also has to turn, since most didn't come in the fulltime 4wd version, they lacked a center diff. You shouldn't be driving on tarmac or paved surfaces with this engaged as front wheels speed will differ with the rear wheel, specially during turns you will put undue stress on the drive train, tyres will squeel at low speed turns and steering will be very heavy. And evenutally end up snapping an axel shaft or crunching the diff with prolonged use. L4 : Same as above but in low ratio. Automatic LCs and later on H2 was removed from the lever and a button on the dash was given, which would electronically engage 4wd once pressed. I know this because I had one and have tried it, you could put in Low Range without pressing the 4wd button and you would have low range Rwd vehicle! Many cars and even some LCs come with a center diff some lockable and some not, which allows it to be a fulltime 4wd and you can drive on roads at any speed, for example Land Rovers ( Defenders, Discoverys, Range Rovers etc etc ) Only come in fulltime 4wd, you cannot switch to 2wd mode.
  10. Downsize wheels

    You are right. 21s are pretty bone jarring on anything less than a very smooth surface. You can go down to 245/60 18 without any issues because your tyre diameter will largely remain unaffected and your ride will be a lot more smoother too. Until that time check if you are not over inflated too. And also this heat will increase your tyre pressure by quite a bit, making the tyre even stiffer.
  11. What is your dream offroad car?

    You need to watch this
  12. How is GMC Sierra in off-road?

    Not as tough as the toyota pickups but they drive pretty well on road. Pretty comfortable infact. Ive driven the crew cab off road. Its pretty alright but you really need to watch the cross over angle and it gets jacked up on even the smallest blades. And if its the newer models the front bumper will need to be modified as they really are too low giving them shitty approach angles.
  13. What is your dream offroad car?

    TBH I was going to say Unimog but the thread said to keep it civil.
  14. Dodge Durango offroad capabilities

    My Dutch neighbour im Disco Gardens had a 200-ish Durango. It went like the clappers and he pretty much used it as a sports car on the road. But he would often cry about tranny issues, then he finally replaced it with a Grand Cherokee SRT
  15. Why would I feel bitter ? And AFAIK Ive dome just one newbie trip with you leading which will always stay memorable. As the convoy struggled to cross a small patch of dune for hours with the road right in front of us. It was good that Sikander Bhai was there and we just sat and chatted away the hours into the night watching the convoy struggle to make the 200-250meter of Small dunes and pockets on to the road ahead. All my most memorable trips have been exploration drives which we started as early ad possible as in not to miss the great majesty of the desert and not just see 50 mtrs ahead of you in your headlights. From Faqa to Lisaili, Gaurav was also on that trip. Al Ain to Wagan, one of the best trips of my life. From Al Ain Airport to the lakes also a great trip.So on and so forth.