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  1. Adding to that most high end cars nowadays have blind spot detection. And if there is something in your blindspot a light lights up in your rearview mirror to warn you
  2. Some cars are even worse, specially US imports. They have a flat mirror instead of a concave one on the driver side, making the blind spot even worse. I remember volvo was the opposite the the last 1/5th out edge had a bigger curve to cover the blind spot.
  3. Unfortunately Ive seen this too many times. O sold my immaculate with only 45k on the clock Range Rover to a friends friend. The guy burst the hose pipe near his home in The Greens drove it to festival city and back in traffic and was then complaining how his engine got knackered. Fortunately even after all that abuse it just blew a head gasket and is still on the roads till today. Another friend hasn't bought a car yet on which he has had to replace the engine on due to the same reason. Hopefully his latest ride doesn't suffer the same fate. But not holding my breath!
  4. Who told you it cant? And yes many do buy these as a status symbol but many like me for example dont. I drive a Range Rover simply because I like the comfort and smoothness and the way it looks inside ans out.. Status symbol has nothing to do with it. And give it a little time if not already because I havent checked, the sharjah parts people will source cheaper parts for the new L405 too. Scrapyards already stock them.
  5. Well thats just the thing, many prefer the feeling of a luxurious hotel room and saying todays cars have a lot less safety features or less safe than a 1998 Caprice is not factual.
  6. In a nutshell lets just say its the difference between a donkey and a thoroughbred horse. Al hamdulilah Ive owned and/or driven most luxury rides on a long tern basis save for a Rolls Royce or Bentley ( on my bucketlist ) You can stuff as much leather and gizmos in a camry or Corolla at the end the of day, its still a corolla or camry. There is no comparision. BMWs, Audis and Porsches are basically more for European sensibilities, where "handling" is preferred over comfort. In my Biased opinion nothing beats a Range Rover when it comes to luxury and in this country with an ample supply of cheap parts as well as scrappies. Running costs are less than a jap eco box. Just yesterday bought a water pump and drive belts for a L322 Range Rover 180 for the water pump and 100 for both drive belts.
  7. First step is to stop going to Al Futtaim as they clearly dont know what they are doing. Uneven wear is not the tyres fault. if you alignment is 100% correct then the problem lies in your suspension and/or steering linkages. Worn out bushes or sloppy ball joints. Mostly seen on modified Sheeps the entire front end has so much negative camber looks like the car is trying to do a split from the front.
  9. New industrial city in Sajja Sharjah, you'll find all the scrappies there
  10. I can understand the FJ people, that car has horrible visibility all around. It's like siting in a deep box with tiny holes to your sides and front. No rear visibility to speak off. They do the best they can being almost blind. As for the rest if I drove a car worth over half a million Id park like that too avoid shopping trolley rash and mall crawler dents.
  11. A friend and I saw one the other day in Shj industrial area, and we were laughing our asses off as to look at that fool whose put Maserati badges on a Hyundai. Only to find out a few days later it was an actual Maserati after reading about it! We really thought It was a Hyundai with Maserati badges and we got a good look at it too as we were just behind it stopped at the lights for a few minutes in traffic and wasn't just a passing look.
  12. Ah, my old safari route, just remember to stay out of those small white dunes to your left next to the flat wadi,
  13. Guess I'm doomed then! With the numbers and makes given above by Ethan Both my cars are British, one is 19yrs old and the other is 14yrs old. Both over 220,000kms. O_O
  14. Yes, drummer and producer, unfortunately sold my kit ages ago, now I'm all in the box.
  15. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, never be afraid to fail. If people stopped developing technology if they failed in their first few attempts, we would probably still be living in the stone age. I'm on the fence on this whole thing. Self driving cars could be useful, who wants to drive and hour to and from work in bumper to bumper traffic. You could let the car drive itself home and you relax with a movie or catch some Zzzzs, but on other occasions when out having fun, I would want to drive myself. So it does have its uses. I don't understand what's the point of driverless races other than to refine said technology. Hoe many times has one just sat back on his PlayStation and watched an entire race with all cars being controlled by the console. Because this is what this would be like just for real.