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  1. Under-inflation is when the tire pressure is lower than expected. Over-inflation is when the tire pressure more than required
  2. Thank you. Can you explain me oil viscosity in detail.
  3. Basically, injectors sprays the fuel to the engine within required fuel pressure.
  4. Its understood. Girls are not generally interested in all mechanical things. But good to know that someone is. Well about the electric fuel pump, basically pumps the fuels to the injectors. As the name itself suggest, electric fuel pump is meant for car engines to pump the fuel in order to maximize the availability of the fuel to the injectors from the gas tank.
  5. Hey. I am bit worried about my car these days. I have Q45 from 2 years. But the fuel consumption is way too much these days. Can anyone tell me how to diagnose the fuel economy of a car. I am really worried about it.
  6. Hey thanks for sharing man! I was actually planning to go to JBR tomorrow. Will take something eat and drink in the car itself, so that even if i get stuck in the traffic, i have something to eat with fun music in my car. Thnaks Bro!
  7. When do I know that relays are damaged/ failing in my car?
  8. The check engine light is blinking on the dash of my Peugeot. What does it mean? And how do I need to do about this?
  9. Yes offcourse its covered under the warranty.
  10. Check the rod on the door. May be the rod came out. Also, the plastic chip which connects the rod to the door also needs to be checked. I suppose it’s the rod. Just fix it properly back in the door
  11. Well, if you hear the motor noise neat to the fuel pump, it means your fuel pup is good to go. If you realize any loud humming noise, it means your fuel pump needs some repair.
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