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  1. Checking different fluids in the car, replacing the air filters, keeping a check on the battery and the lights can also be considered as the simplest DIY tasks.
  2. What is the life of a car battery in the counry like UAE where the weather is almost hot every year?
  3. The heater in my i10 is not working. I was coming from fujairah at midnight and it was really cold. What to do?
  4. The most common reason of tire vibration is imbalance. See it this way, When you drive your car, the tires of your car are the only parts touching the ground. So your tires drive through lot of humps, breakers, potholes and so many other things. With passage of time, the tire looses its right direction and thus are imbalanced. So when you experience tire vibrations, its because your tires needs correct alignment.
  5. Hey people. Now we know that the weather is changing and winters are finally approaching. So please share your tips on how to prepare your car for the weather change?
  6. I see! Can you tell me which one will be better and more reliable with time? I want something which can last longer so that my sister doesnt face much trouble with the new paint on the car.
  7. Hey people. I have a question for those who have good knowledge about the matt finish colors of the car. y sister saw a black matt finish Civic, and now she really likes the statement. She wants to repaint her car to matt blue. Can anyone tell me how much does the matt finish cost?
  8. What is fuel injection checks and how to perform the same?
  9. Hey peeps. The exhaust in my Galant is roaring. Is it a bad sign? No clue what’s happening!
  10. Its really bad man. I remember the experience ofmy frend who had conicity tire problem. The tire in his car slip off and his car slipped t one side of the road. He was saved but the accident was really bad. His car condition was terrible.
  11. Well, buying a used tires is never a good option because you never know where these tires have been driven before. I wont suggest you to go for used tires. New tires are always reliable and off course lost lasting.
  12. The trouble code i am facing is: P0120. What does this mean?
  13. Hey everyone. Please suugest what toold are required to install the stereo system in Cadillac Car?
  14. Thanks Man! Nice explanation. I know now. I have a habit of releasing clutch really fast, may be that’s why it happened.
  15. Hey everyone. I noticed in the morning that there some water droplets inside the headlights of my car. Really weird, how it happened. Does anyone know this? I mean how it happens, and how can I clean it?
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