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  1. how is ADNOC engine oil? i used 2 lts in emergency ?
  2. I want to custom paint my Corvette and only from a chevy specialist. Anyone has contacts.
  3. If you using AC delco type of battery, that usually dies in 13 months as soon as there warranty gets over. Go for good brand battery like Trane, INCO, Solite and they will atleast last 2-3 years. Same happen with me few years back and now i actually prefer maint battery than maint free which lasts much longer and only maint is required topping up water every six months.
  4. if traction control is not working it can get risky on emergency braking. fix the problem and then remove the warning.
  5. Thats quite crap to hear captiva. Why you didnt sell in outside market than to dealers. You could have sold for very good price with minimal loss of 10k instead of 20k dirhams. Secondary market cars is better to be sold thru classified site and gulf news ads.
  6. American parts as in? and how come its even less then Half the price?
  7. fix the traction of the car its very hazzardous to even think of selling the car without fixing the problem or atleast let the buyer know.
  8. opposite dubai festival city there are workshops in a line i ve gone there a number of times and they are very good.
  9. there is a pump in brakes that has to be changed with time so in my opinion it should be changed and when you are at it get the brakes checked too.
  10. Sean: check the starter fuse check too first Simijoyji: Sharjah industrial area have plenty of used car spare parts shops closer to BM road and maza signal. Take a walk with sample in your hand and you will get lucky in 30 mins.
  11. Best idea is to search the garage and see how many car they have of American brand and Chevy in specific. Its hard to find person specializes only in one type cars: camaro. I know your car is special being Z28 beauty, but most of these engineering is pretty common in all GM or Chevy cars. Stroll around Rashidiya, Al quoz, Ghusais in Dubai and BM Road, Industrial area, behind al falah plaza in shj. Good luck.
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