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  1. Open the petrol lid and close it again tightly, this should go off. If lid is close loose it do lot of drama like this with car computer. Sometine it says chk engine light, sometime powertrain and transmision icon.
  2. Lumina will always have extra premium being a sport car and having bad fame in street racing Maint cost is as same as other japanese contender. With 05/06 if in neat and clean condition i would say couple of thousand would be enough for whole year (1-2k) Anything special i really dont know, but will check with my colleague as his brother has Lumina since 9 year.
  3. i use the navigator of my nokia phone at times and that is very accurate too.
  4. class A meaning good quality tajari that is after Original 2nd best.
  5. if there is a wiring problem then the fuses tend to fail get it checked.
  6. once in a year or 2 times if you have a lot of driving to do. get a professional to do this for you.
  7. if you are too tight on budget show to any bengali guy in shj and they can replace the cores of same radiator in half the price of new radiator from BM discounted shops. Usually radiator only leak from cores n rare from jacket so you can use same jacket and replace the cores.
  8. from radiator itself if its broke. From engine balck hose to and from the radiator to to and from engine. Hoses clamps, Expansion bottle base radiator cap if its loose.
  9. It cud be many things to doubt from lifter/rocker, tappet, valves etc. Difficult to say without hearing. Show to some good mechanic that has stethoscope and can read mild knocking at idling inside the engine.
  10. If no fault recorded, i wouldnt bother much as explorer is quite notorious for electrical faults.
  11. Near the crank case where engine oil sump is.
  12. It seems like high mileage engine u r running, and in past oil change was not regular resulting in sludge formation or carbon deposited too much. Try engine flush and if it doesnt help you might need to get hands dirty and go for engine overhaul.
  13. Its not needle pal, its thermostat's "water temperature sending sensor" need change. Its cheap and easy to fix.
  14. Pirelli and Michelin is my first choice but they are expensive though.
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