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  1. its a very general engine oil that should be used in emergency only.
  2. as in majority Mobil 1 is good but which other engine oil is good i mean 2nd in the league.
  3. dose the car get passed if additional spoilers are installed.
  4. go to ajam there are lots of garages who will do the job in less then 500 aed.
  5. most chevy cars are very sensitive and the warning lights go off by default sometimes restarting the car may help do the thing. and still if these tricks dont help then consult a professional.
  6. rafooq wrote: > there is a part called the AC blender and when this stops working the AC > may do such things. easiest way is to check it and replace. do you have your own workshop.
  7. i saw one this diwali in mina bazaar bur dubai. but it was modified.
  8. i have never rotated my car tires so how important is it can a car expert please advise me.
  9. The tint guy has used a very low grade of tint. you should get your money back.
  10. there is no such everyday maintenance required but its a good practice to check brakes every time you get the car serviced.
  11. can you please share where did you get the spoilers installed from ?
  12. it depends on the car and if you are opting for original or not.
  13. the tank sender unit looks like is faulty get it checked
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