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  1. The driver just totally overdrives the corner, misses the apex, and locks them up in desperation. I am sure there was some driver error!! BTW thank you for sharing video.
  2. How many of your guy remember this dark car? Well, It's Mr. Vengeance's 1967 Camaro. It had taken 7 decades to build, with all of the blood, sweat, and tears you'd think about. Recently I saw on in a Facebook group and search about that car and found that it's quite renowned all over the internet. It also looks exactly like the ""new"" Bumblebee from Transformers 4. Well it's TRUE!! The only aspect that make me surprise when I noticed the first picture of the new Bumblebee, a pro-touring 1967 Camaro with little ear accessibility displays, fender fire, a front part side splitter, and a yellow-colored ""bumblebee"" front part side red stripe. It seem that Transformers 4 have managed to create almost carbon copy of Mr. Vengeance's Camaro. Search Please on Google ""Mr. Vengeance's Camaro"" Don't you guy think to buy this most severe style ever!! Well I'm sure no one because it's can only be best to display in movie??
  3. How many of you think that to achieve this time, the car was equipped with practically nothing but a set of nitrous? I might be wrong, just have a look of this video.
  4. Dodge’s 2016 Viper ACR smashes 13 production cars, track records, not only it beaten the Porsche 918 spyder but also hold more record than any other production car in the world. Are we ever able to see this powerful beast in Dubai......?
  5. With the ongoing new trend for custom car, most of us like the real beauty made in 1970. After catching the classic muscle car of 1970, Camaro RS fitted with the new LT4 crate engine that makes a staggering 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque look amazing. The offering gives hot rod builders the ability to put the Corvette Z06's 6.2-liter supercharged V8 into any project where they can make the mill fit. Check out some picture from the SEMA auto show.
  6. I love corvette Z06 among all the recent launches of Chevy. I am not sure about really consufed as on the website of Chevrolet its that ZO6 record the fastest lap time of 2015, precisely in 2 min-44sec. Which mean that Porsche 918 Spyder come second - which is nearly 8 times the price of Z06. I can hardly believe it because porsche 918 spyder top speed is 211mph while Corvetter ZO6 is 205!!!
  7. Quite Impressive of muscular front end designs, sculpted hoods and signature LED lighting accents reflect Silverado’s strength and dependability, Might be a reason which have helped make Silverado the fastest-growing full-size pickup brand this year.” Does anybody heard about other changes which include expanded use of 8 speed automatic transmission. Please share other video url also I have just one got it from youtube
  8. "To be honest I am very much impress about the design of Chevrolet Camaro, it looks trim and toned—and thirsty for Ford Mustang blood. But I am really not sure that Camaro claim to delivers 0-60 acceleration in 4.0 seconds; 0.97 g cornering grip. Is that really TRUE!????"
  9. While checking and comparing Camaro's eight-speed automatic transmission bests and the Mustang's six cogs with their suspension. Its drive me into more confusion because I won’t know how well Chevy engineers tuned the Camaro’s suspension until the car gets closer to the launch. But on the other side I do know that the new Mustang’s independent suspension has been cited for providing the best handling performance in the car’s 50-year history. Which one to choose? I personally like mustang but dont want to compromize with spec. Please help with your views guy!!
  10. I am personally impressed with 2016 Malibu handsome new looks, features, comfort and all modern gizmos. Fuel mileage is also awesome with 16 kmpl and with reasonable priced at 80k AED onward Im thinking of getting a new ride for myself. Appreciate any valuable feedback on this model or on 2015 model issues or problems to keep an eye before buying. Thanks guys, you rock..
  11. Hey all, I am noticing a drop in my car's engine and performance. I need to get to the core of the problem now if i want my car fixed before it stalls or something. I am getting bad gas mileage, trust me I am noticing that and recording for almost a couple of months now. I am feeling that there is something wrong with the fuel system ... and also which is why my car isnt performing as well as it used to be. The pick up in power used to be amazing. Now theres a push. Any ideas?
  12. Good way of explaining the process but it seems a little confusing. pointers would have helped. Also after you are done check the manual for the car parts when you are putting them back together. u dont want to get anything wrong.
  13. Whoa i didn't think there would be so many explanations from one problem. sorry I was not descriptive about my problem. My steering wheel shakes, the gearbox seems to shake severely when i accelerate and there is a distant rattle sound that I heard which seems to be very different from the above two problems. Now that Mahajan has mentioned that the "Rattle Sound" could come from the interior panels as well I will try to identify the source of that noise as well next time. But what do I do about my shaking power steering and gearbox?
  14. I have two questions, firstly why would my 2006 malibu be rattling severely just when I would start to accelerate. Its pretty much back to normal once the engine's temperature is stable and I am driving away. Only happens when I start my car and take off. secondly is it a good idea to have the bumper removed for a re-paint on it. My car is spotless, just the bumpers are ruining the look for it. An ideas about how much this costs and the time involved? this is the only car i have and i go to work on it. I find the metro traveling dreadful in the morning.
  15. This is out of a personal experience. I started the car and it did not respond. I got off and checked for loose wires under the hood. Just touched the battery wires and it started. Right after I replaced the battery, spark plugs and wires, PCM, ICM, fuse box and crankshift position sensor. Never stalled again.
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