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  1. How can i judge is my car engine needs more octane?
  2. Please discuss things that a mechanic always hide from their customer?
  3. How to test the engine blowby in Toyota Echo?
  4. The maximum weight you can carry safely is 910 pounds.
  5. Rebuilt are the ones who are built again going through a complete prices of resulting it into a new one. Used transmission on the other hand, is just the transmission from another car which is working fine but in the same condition as before.
  6. If you are going for a rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission it will cost you from 3,000 to 6,000 Aed. If in case you are going for a used transmission it will come in between 700 to 1,500 Aed.
  7. Hey people. I am buying a new Nissan Tiida soon. But before buying i want to know which car insurance company is the best and which provides the best premium value for Tiida. Please help me guys.
  8. See, basic engine tune-up includes following things: Motor oil: Motor oil is very important for any car. First you need to change the motor oil after every 3,000 miles. Second, always check the level of motor oil. Third, check the oil quality using a dipstick. If you think that the oil is black in color, you need to get it flushed and out new motor oil. Tire Inspection: Tire inspection is healthy for a car to keep it balanced and avoiding slipping of tires and wear/tear of the same as well. Time to time, you need to perform tire rotation as well to avoid the direction pulling in a tire. Fluid Levels: Brake fluids, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and refrigerant. One needs to take care of the level of these fluids. If the level is rapidly going down, it may be because of some leak in the engine. And Leak is really bad for any car. Battery: Battery is as important as other auto parts in a car. You need to make sure that our battery is working constantly without losing charge. Also, just an advice. If you are not driving your car because you’re going on a vacation or something, it’s better to discharge the battery and keep it separately. Always check the battery for any kind of corrosion as well. Brakes: You need to inspect the brakes by applying brakes and check if the brake pedals are firm or hard. Except the pedals, you need to check whether brake pads are worn out. Rotors and brake discs needs to be check and resurfaced if required. Lights: To diagnose if there is any electric problem in your car, check all the lights including dash lights, headlights and taillights. All these things comes up in basic engine tuning.
  9. Yes, it is a big issue actually. I think the tarnsmission fluid is low in your car. May the fluid is leaking. Its kinda big issue actually, your complete transmission system may fail because of this. You need to get the transmission system diagnosed properly.
  10. Well, the level of the power steering fluid should'nt go down. It happend only if there is any leak. I think there is leak in the reservoir.
  11. Oh I love to discuss about the antilock brake system. My friend has a workshop and he taught me what exactly ABS does? I tell you how it works. Let’s say I am driving my car. When I apply brakes in my car, antilock brake system will examine the deceleration speed of the tires while braking. So basically, ABS system by default is programmed with an appropriate deceleration and acceleration speed of the wheel while braking. So let’s say if the front wheel of my car is decelerating faster than the estimated speed of the ABS module, it means something is wrong. There is one more case you can examine. If the deceleration speed of the wheels is all different from each other, that again is a problem as the wheels are not properly balanced. So if the deceleration speed of the wheel is faster or slower than estimated speed, it mean that the wheel can slip and there are chances that the wheel can lock up in the middle and break the traction. Also, if the deceleration speed differs, the hydraulic pressure starts to generate on the wheel. The ABS system helps in reducing that pressure to the brake. When such thing happens, you can hear chattering noise from the ABS unit. No need to worry, ABS is doing its job, but ya you may have to get your car wheel diagnosed properly. Now, the locking up that I was talking about, because of the modulation in the brake circuit, it reduces the braking load from the wheel and regains the traction back avoiding locking up. So to summarize, ABS helps in reducing the hydraulic pressure on the wheels and also helps you detect whether the functioning of the wheel is proper or not. You can judge the nature of your tire from ABS system itself.
  12. What is wideband O2 sensors in a car?
  13. Can I open the radiator cap if the engine is hot/ or if the temperature light is on?
  14. Does pressure testing helps in finding the coolant leak? If yes, then how do we do the pressure testing?
  15. Well i dont know if i agree with ghassan or not, but i think insurnce covers the scathes as well. I mean insurance covers your complete car.
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