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  1. Aboo, has anyone told you ever that focus is made for road and not offroad. lol. Just kidding man. Can't help it that we all Dubai residents love sand so much that we will find a place to get stuck....!
  2. Your 2012 Ford Explorer should have TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) as well and should indicate if tire pressure is low. Sticker is inside the driver door next to the hinges, check again please.
  3. Then for sure you need to replace the cable, its not a big task though i think it should cost around 1 hr labor and generally speaking any mechanic can install that under the car from hand brake lever to transmission or rear axle, depending on which ford you have.
  4. Click on post reply (not quick reply), it will open new page giving all options to post the pictures under message body text box, tab saying upload attachment --> Choose File--> select and open your pic --> Add the file --> Done.
  5. Which year model ur explorer is and what is the tire size you are using? Tire pressure information is pasted on the driver's side 'B' pillar right above door latch is attached to the car body. As a general rule of thumb 30 PSI is quite safe unless you are doing some heavy load like 5 passenger all the time or driving on highway for long hours then 35 is good.
  6. My bro like to sleep when driving and now the seat is stuck in that position so i cant drive anyone has great ideas how i can move it in front?
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