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  1. thanks rahim, guess i need to clean the sensors. I will check and update. appreciate all of yours valuable time to reply.
  2. The Wheel balancing has done, Changed the sparkplugs, changed the transmission oil, and dont know what the technician did - stopped all the squeeking tweeking sounds as well. No I can hit the road in confidence. What about the mileage guys, what mileage should i get with Adnoc Super.?
  3. Haha, I got the same feeling. But I trust him, no other option. The tyres are Pirelli P265/65R17 112H M.S currently with nitrogen and psi40
  4. Thanks Gourav ad Rahim. The tyres are new dated 04/17 and the guy was not into sands. Still will ask for sure to clean it. Will post some pics soon.
  5. Thanks all for your comments and replies.. I bought the same car and its driving cool. Have some vibration at the front and guess it will go if i do a wheel balance and alignment. Cheers !!!
  6. Any one enlighten me how much will be paid to a 2009 -2010 Xterra around 130000km in odo.?
  7. https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/check-lookup/5N1AN08wx9c504142 Hi this is the information i got from searching the VIN number, ( thanks to Barry). Any inputs?? all.. Thanks in advance..
  8. He send me the Arabic Details. Its An American made GCC specs car. Thanks for your reply. This website is amazing.. got all details required. Its american made for asia pacific. Thanks for your reply. Its confirmed an american made GCC. thanks for the info .. its amazing i got instant and useful responses from here.
  9. Hello, I was about to buy a 2009 model "Gcc" spec xterra, but the registration and export paper says the make is american. Th ODO shows in km, The interior are beige.. but still I am confused. Do Nissan issued 'american factory made' gcc spec xterras? Any Expert here to advice.? What is the best way to identify a Gcc spec xterra.?
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