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  1. I place my bet on spark plugs because thats why majority of the cars hesitate these days. Is it just me or is it just something in the air here in the UAE .. I have seen so many spark plugs and wires go bad. Can high-temp affect them? I doubt so.
  2. Some specific car cleaners work like magic but i was really surprised at my wife when she told me to use vinegar water ... mix the both and scrub on car ... I was like hell no at first but the results were satisfactory ... Actually I was fighting dirt spots on my car so not exactly water but the shine afterwards was surprising!!
  3. hello carnity ppl A friend of mine has an explorer and was wondering why the battery light on his car kept coming on. After re-connecting the battery and making sure everything else is in place ... he then proceeds to tell me that he changed his alternator a couple of days ago ... could that be the problem? Since we were done with the digging up nothing else came to my mind on what we could do ... so could it be the alternator or does he need to take it in?
  4. Wow its surprising to see people hating ford! Generally 4WD vehicles are not as smooth as they have more gears and mechanical equipment in the drive system, but the Explorer is as smooth as silk. I love Ford!!
  5. Well master resetting is the first thing you might want to try and hopefully it will start working and if it doesn't you might need more help. There is step by step help available online. Basically it will reset your MyFord touch to it's default settings so everything that you have saved will be erased. Go to > Settings > System > Master Reset. Good luck.
  6. hello everybody, I own a ford edge 2010 and accidentally cracked my sunroof about a month ago. At first I panicked and didn't know if it could be replaced easily and how much time it would take because in that case I had to get a rent-a-car for my daily routine. My dealer assured my that the work will be completed in three weeks max. Today the fifth week started and I still haven't heard from them! Can someone tell me if it really takes that long to change a sunroof?
  7. for parts try in sharjah BMW road. they have all the car parts available.
  8. having problem with intake gasket also may cause vibration in the car.
  9. where i park my car inside the parking lot i found some stains on the floor. when i touched it was dry so i go down to see if something was leaking but i didnt understand. how can i find out what was leaking
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