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  1. I think i would better remove it completely.
  2. I see! I will definitely make sure that I change the transmission fluid regularly.
  3. What if I don’t change the transmission fluid regularly?
  4. The windshield is chipped in my car. How can i fix it?
  5. How will I know if the fuel injectors are leaking in my car?
  6. There is fouling on my car’s spark plugs. Can anyone tell me if it fixable. Yes, then how?
  7. Well, there are many reasons, why tires fail. Well I will mention what I know: Misalignment: If the tires are misaligned, there friction attribute loosen up and the tires are rubbed in different sections always, so that produces wear and tear in the tires really early. Tire rotation: If one does not follow the tire rotation properly. Let’s say, if you change the pattern of your tire rotation that will affect the life of tires. Or if you don’t rotate the tires at all, the wear and tear is very common. Potholes: When you jump your car on potholes, the outer surface of the tires get disturbed and it generally exploits the material of the tires. Off-road driving: Off-road driving is really harmful for the tires. The roads are generally clean and the surface is always smooth and at one level, but off-roads are generally not clean and you never know if any nail goes inside the tire. Only not the nails, since the surface off-road is never at one level, the outer part of the tire touching the ground always get affected. Sudden brakes: lets say you are driving on a highway, and a dog from nowhere comes on the road. What do you do? You press brakes. Now the friction to stop the car goes really extreme, and the surface of tires gets rubbed badly on the ground. Because of the rubbing, the tire’s surface gets damaged and with time, they wear very easily. Stunt Driving: I know many people who do stunts on the road, like wheelie and stuff. Do you know the life of the tires is exploited because of such stunts? Even the brake pads are badly affected by this. It has happened to me many times. I stopped off-road driving because he tires were so wasted that I had to change it in 3 years.
  8. Hey people. I have never raised my vehicle using a jack. Can anyone tell me how can I do that safely?
  9. The smallest issue can be electrical. May be the sensor is not working.
  10. The brake pedal in my Honda city, 2007 model is really hard to push these days. Why is it so? And how can I improve the performance of my brakes in this case?
  11. I have given my car to the service centre. They called me today and said that the spark plugs are melted. I have no idea what it means? Can anyone tell me what it is and how do I believe that the dealers are saying the truth.
  12. Why there is SRS light on the dash. I really have no idea what this light is for? Help Me please!
  13. Oil pressure warning light detects the trouble associated with the engine. Don't avoid this warning light, as it may lead to sever internal engine leaking. This light may pop up because of oil pump damage, but if ignored, the damage inn he oil pump can destroy the whole engine. Adil is right about the causes. I remember one time when i ignored the oil pressure warning light, and later the engine oil had a leak and i ended up replacing some parts in the engine.
  14. Hey people. Please discuss about the causes of lean fuel condition. And also, what can we do about the same? Thank you
  15. Hey guys I am receiving trouble code P0325. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to fix it?
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