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  1. Hello all, I have a problem... while driving my Honda accord turns off. Sometimes it automatically turns on and keeps moving but sometimes it stops right in the middle of the road. The Emission control light on the meter also gets on and when I checked with Fasttrack he said there might be some sensor issues, he also disconnected the battery for almost 5 minutes .....it went well for one day but from yesterday again the same problem has started. Can you please suggest what might be the reason for this???
  2. Dear Shoaib, i am still going along with the same...and changing the oil every week....as didnt get a better option so far.
  3. No still not......... checking for available options...
  4. Dear All, I drive a 2009 model honda accord.....done around 92K. From past few days i feel my steering wheel makes some noise, when I checked the power steering pump I was shocked to see the leekage. I keep on refilling the power steering oil....please advise me what should I do as when I checked with a workshop based in Sharjah they are asking 2500 AED.
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