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  1. I think you can get a better deal for that price. Its running costs are fair but the car is quite pricey. It has some wind noise which can be really annoying. For even cheaper running costs one can opt for the manual gearbox which is robust, light and easy to use but is also quite notchy. The brake dive, body roll and under steer is a let-down thus not great at going round corners. That is my personal experience.
  2. Congrats to you too basu .. love the environment of after the 2020 Expo win for Dubai! Looking forward to more developments in our city Anyways sorry to hear about your loss ... the Sante fe seemed to look like a strong car ... maybe your car fell under those couple of cars which had the gearbox issues. Replacement altogether might be a big step. How harsh is the gearbox? Have you had it checked to see if there are any shortcuts? In any case hyundai must be responsible and they might even look into the matter but not without you spending some cash on it. Good luck.
  3. Thanks hotdog ... I needed that information but now i feel that i cant depend my choice on the price and how cheaper it is. Test driving it is definitely necessary ... plus now that i am looking out for options i am considering some alternatives as well.
  4. Tiburon for sure ... oh i didnt know they ended production of this car in 2008? My friend did buy the same year's model though. That clears that. Anyways, I liked the looks of it and to be honest i am not familiar with the tiburon at all. So you are saying it was a terrible car ... even if it was ended back in 2008 ... why would you say that? Did it have a lot of problems attached to it?
  5. Hi fellas, one of my friends bought a tiburon and i have become infatuated with the car. i havn't had a chance to drive the vehicle around myself so wanted to get some opinions on how well this car drives and is it suitable for a person like me who is a family man as well as a fanatic for sporty coupes. I also thought that my friend paid a bit extra for this car and wanted to know what is the generally known market price for the tiburon. any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. hello there everyone - i wanted more information on why the rear brakes on a 06 elantra are called rear drum brakes and what is the process of changing them if required. I feel that mine are worn out and need replacing although i cant say for sure since i am no expert. i searched online and found some tips on how to do it. is this really a do-it-yourself kind of a process or should i be contacting someone for help?
  7. Hi guys, I was thinking about some cool modifications to my hyundai 05 accent and started browsing some pictures online. One thing that really caught my attention was a custom made ipod dock in place of the ashtray. I would really love to have one of those. Anyone has any experience in installing one in their car? Oh and where can I look for interior neon lights? Just a thought
  8. Hi David, Sonata is among the few cars that gives you value for the price you pay. Everything from the fuel economy to the interiors and warranty, are the best if you compare them with its competitors. The car picks up really well and the car is comfortable to drive. I think no matter what car you have currently ... u won't regret buying a Sonata. Hyundai has also worked hard on its add-ons and the features incorporated in the car so hope you do try out this vehicle.
  9. rafi the pressure i use to keep was much higher then it should so thats why i had damaged them thanks
  10. my car did pass the RTA passing for renewal as they said tires to change but they are only a year old how which i told them but they are not ready to listen. What should i do.
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