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  1. Hi guys. MY 1998 Hyundai Galloper has a habbit of overheating. I understand that with a mechanical fan this is expected. But it got to the point of cracking my radiator. So i have a few questions for you... 1.) Anywhere that i can get an electronic fan installed and have the mechanical one removed? I need the parts only as i myself work in a garage that is capable of installing such parts. 2.) New radiators? Id preferably like a double thickness one, and would like to stay away from OE parts, as i do intend on taking my car into the desert, and cracking a radiator out there could be catastrophic. 3.) I've heard that these cars have a tendency to overheat with coolant inside them? And that i should only use water? I cant for the life of me figure out why... Any comments would be hugely appreciated. On a side note: Any idea where the computer socket (or for those of you who understand this) or OBDII port is? Once Again, Thanks. Scot.
  2. I dont know about 2005 models. But check and see if you have a throttle cable, could be loose.
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