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  1. It’s roomy inside be it the 5-seater or the 7-seater. Its day to day usability is perfect and its 2.2-litre diesel engine is a strong power plant. Fuel economy is great at 60kmpg for the manual and 53kmpg for the automatic gearbox. It’s well relaxed to drive and with commendably suppressed wind noise.
  2. Okay getting serious ... the tiburon 08 model GT coupe was one of the best in the entire league. Previous cars were toys sadly enough. Anyways ... the 08 coupe has a 7/10 rating on majority of the websites online proving consumer satisfaction. Not bad in the design, sporty driving and good warranty offered by the company but unfortunately many owners complained about the stiff driving experience. If you have not driven the car yet, i'd say give it a ride before you decide anything further.
  3. Id settle with any good looking car dude ... and this car was inexpensive and not bad looking. Just that its sorta a thing in the past now. Does not have that mod look and feel to it.
  4. Manjit there are actually small tips that you could regularly follow in order to improve your overall fuel consumption. How about you look into some of those. Like for starters, keep your car maintained with regular oil changes. the manual says to do that every 3k miles. Also by having the tires properly inflated and aligned you could also decrease your fuel consumption by three percent.
  5. Basit - All the vents are open all the time. Even if I close two of them the noise level remains the same. David - 3 The noise level is the same no matter what the fan speed is.
  6. Hi fellas!! I just bought a 2013 Sonata. There is a whistling noise from the passenger side vent closest to the door that appears at speeds of 100kph and above when in the MaxAC mode. It is a very high-pitched noise which is very irritating. It goes away when switched out of MaxAC mode or when the speed drops below 100. I think it might have something to do with the outside air being squeezed off. Just want to know if anyone has heard about anything of the sort. Hope it's not something big.
  7. in UAE alloy wheels are very expensive. do you know why?
  8. the powder was the discharge from the battery that i got it changed. thanks guys
  9. there is some thing dry inside the engine its a powder thing which i dont know where its come from. Anybody faced problem like this?
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