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  1. Well, that shop has closed now. Or may be moved around in that same area or vicinity.
  2. Take it to service center that do the service of Infiniti only or one that has X-Launch 431 Diagun. There are many car workshop has these tools and they will happily reset this if you show interest to get your next car service with them On Al quoz road behind Nissan, there are plenty of good garages who can help you: Icon Auto Garage, Premier Car Care, Car Master Garage, BALQIS THRONE GARAGE, GAE German Automotive, AAA etc.
  3. Everything is great except the most crappiest resale value among all Infiniti models.
  4. Well to be honest and to start with you should get the pedal change as advised by dealer. As they have more exposure to these types of weirdo problems and i am sure they must have advised this after some thought process. Which year model is that and how many km driven?
  5. American build getting more American with bigger and bigger engine volume with insignificant gains and inflated price tag. Any idea whats the cost of 37' now...!
  6. Are u serious FX35 is being discontinued....? Such a flagship car, going away like this for US known FX37 version.....wow.
  7. Weekly contest or member of month is a way to keep infiniti community alive, my two cents.
  8. You mean handfree, depending on model you choose. There are different options from 300 -1000 dhs available in sharaf DG, Carrefour and even in deira naif market too.
  9. As an Infiniti dealer in UAE, they are legally and morally supposed to assist Infiniti owner. PERIOD.....! These all software, US spec, diff engine is PURE BULLSHIT by dealer to give you hard time so that you will never ever buy imported car again and spread the word so that others also dont buy imported cars. As in imported cars, dealers wont have any profit. Happen same with me 2 years back and i wrote nice strong letter to Infiniti Japan and within one day dealer here got everything to fix my US spec car.
  10. Those universal are the way to go, as they will find the closer match or adjust as per your car size and trim. For 100% same you have to check with dealer only and you know they cost 4 times than Hyatt shops.
  11. i suggest keep an eye on it that all and keep checking the coolant level.
  12. shivering means vibrating yes? If so get wheel alignment and see if the shivering stops.
  13. 120K is a good price haggle a bit and get it. Maint is 10k and cost depending on which service it is major or minor as per km: roughly 600 - 1500 dhs i would say. FX till not i have not heard any gear or engine issue so far, its all good.
  14. Its tough man, i dont think u can change that unless you replace to whole indash unit to new GCC based unit and load GCC maps from DVD source.
  15. Your gear box needs rebuilt my friend as it seems that clutch plate at lower gear is fried and need change. Its slightly big job opening gear box and changing clutch plates at various gears. While at it, i advise getting whole gear box rebuild if you intend to keep car for long.
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