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  1. Enjoy Liwa and looking forward to all the pictures and stories and awaiting everybody’s return.
  2. Thank you Chaitanya. Lovely review and reading the same captured great memories of the drive. See you soon.
  3. Tariq Carrimjee


  4. @Brette Apologies for the late message. We have had a problem at home and I will not be able to join the drive Tom am. Am sorry for this. Tariq.
  5. I will release my place on this drive, as I have another drive. Many thanks, and enjoy, Tariq.
  6. thank you all for a lovely drive. I learnt and enjoyed a lot, in addition to the superb vistas.
  7. Thank you. Very enjoyable and lots of learning today. We missed seeing you tow over the dune. Regards.
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