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  1. @Davie Chase hi won't be able to make tomorrow due to work, not removing name from.rsvp as no waiting, in case I finish on time will join. But please remove me if anyone else wants to join. Have fun guys.
  2. Can't say good, it was fantabulos. The speed and the track amazing, always felt the cross tracks pain, but yesterday it was great coz of the speed we were, pure intermediate. Enjoyed to the core. Thanks @Looper. and amazing guys of our convoy.
  3. Good morning guys, yesterday was a perfect newbie drive, may be even more. Few calculated terrains we took along with cresting / arc drive which normally avoided at newbie, thanks to weather giving little harder sand and to @Gaurav. Overall pleasant drive.
  4. @DP1011, If an emergency patient is getting admitted late night, i wont join for tomorrow, hope patient dont get admitted 🤪
  5. Hi guys, my car is in garage, but if I get tomorrow by stipulated time, will.join. hope so.
  6. @JeromeFJ, I got emergency surgery tomorrow so won't be able to make it. Only in case if it get postponed, I will join , else consider me out. Have fun guys.
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