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  1. Fuel trim is basically a type of reading on the scan toold which tells you the balanced fuel/air ratio in the fuel mistuse. It helps in judging the quality of the fuel in the engine. It is mentioned in percentage always.
  2. Can anyone tell me the reason of failure of valve seats in cylinder heads? It seems the valve seats are failing in my A160, 2008 model.
  3. I recently got the coolant replaced from the radiator in my car. The coolant is kinda rusty, so can I reuse it.
  4. How much is the fine for driving to the right next lane of the yellow line on Highway?
  5. Why does one faces oil pressure warning light on the dash?
  6. Why people are acting so stupic these days. I am so Pissed! I will tell you all why! Yesterday i was driving back to Dubai on Shk. Zayed road. There was one stupid guy who was driving on fast lane at the speed of 80, and was not goin forward. I was tired honking that car. And guess what, he was on the phone and he forgot that he was drivng on the fast lane. Dude!! You are not suppose to do that. I chhanged my lane to overtake him. And he irritated all other people on the road as well. Many people tried to explain him by giving him some signals, but he was least bothered.
  7. Yup. You are right. there was a wiring issue in the horn.
  8. Hey people. Please share the reasons why the battery of cars keeps running down after a period of time. And how can we help in reducing such an annoying problem!
  9. Here is the procedure how you can check your fuel filters if they are in functioning state or not: Fuel filter is like a small cylinder which is inline position to the fuel line. Fuel fitter consists of paper filter inside it. You need to check the state of that first. If the paper filter is gone dark brown in color and if you cannot see through the paper filter, it means you need to replace it. This condition of the filter is because of the sediments of the gas that is stuck in the filter. It is not goof to be used, so change it. Open the fuel filter using the flat head screwdriver and pull the fuel line off the filter. Basically you need to check the flow of gas coming out of the filter. To do that, switch on your car (do not ignite) and scan the rate of the gas coming out of the fuel line. You basically need to check the rate of gas flow. If the gas flow is slower than the gas in the engine at engine fuel filter, it means the fuel filter needs to be replaced. This helps in many ways. Firstly, you get to know the rate at which the gas is coming out from your engine (same can be followed if checking the air filter). Secondly, you can actually change the fuel filter on your own if you do this process. Once you get the knowledge of how fuel filters work and how to scan for any damage, it is way easy to just get it done without going to your dealer or spending money to any local workshop. But, don’t try this if you have never done a DIY process before. Always have a partner when you are scanning the fuel filters who can switch on your car while you are concentrating on the fuel line and gas coming out of it.
  10. To maintain the cooling system, always scan your car engine for any possible leaks. That will include checking the radiator, thermostat, gaskets and hoses in the engine. In addition, also take care of the cooling sensor always. Make sure it’s not damaged, the time it gets damaged your car will surely get overheated.
  11. Hey people. As we know, how hot the weather is here in UAE. Please share your tips on hot weather driving.
  12. Transmission replacement is a big money dude! If you want the whole new transmission, it will cost you 4-5000AED minimum. If you need a junk or used transmission, it will come under 1000AED.
  13. Hey Lexus Onwers! Wassup! I am recently thinking to buy a used Lexus RX 350, 2007 model in a good price. I took the test drive, and the drive was good. I was going to buy the car, but my friend told me that RX 350 2007 model has massive oil leaking issues. He heard many fire mishap cases as well in US and UK of this model. Now I am having doubt if i should go for this model or not. Please guys tell me if somebody owns this specific model of the year 2007 and if they are facing any trouble in their car.
  14. Interesting. I think the following are Ok to replace with used auto parts. compressor, alternators, camshaft, coil packs, sensors, cylinders, Brake drums, Fly wheel, CPU, CV joints, gauges. But before actually replacing these parts make sure that the used part that you are gonna buy is under warranty and not expired. Check for any kind of breakage or leakage before buying it. Don't feel shy to ask questions to the owner before buying it. Its your Right!
  15. As the topic suggests, which one do you think is the best sedan car in lexus and why?
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