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  1. There are many types of distractions that can result into any damage. Gadgets: I think this is the most common distraction while driving. when people are using gadgets in the car like Cell phones, mp3 players or very busy searching something on GPS, their mind gets distracted from the road and get distracted. This is very dangerous. There is fine as well on using gadgets while driving, but still everyone uses the phone no matter what. Anxiety: sometimes prior whole driving is in different moods or too tired. This type of anxiety pops up lot of thoughts in your mind which ultimately distract you from driving. Other road accidents: when there is accident on a road, people generally divert them to look what happened exactly and ultimately look control on the car. Overtaking: i have seen many people overtaking other cars just for fun. Now this creates lot of trouble on the complete road and every other driving on the road gets affected by it. Other passengers: now if you have passengers in your car like your wife or your kids, sometimes people get distracted from the road and their mind runs in playing with their kid in the car, which is wrong. Driving is never s perfect time to pay with your kids in your car. There have been lots of accidents because the driver was busy passing with his kid and suddenly banged another car. The accident becomes more crucial in that case because even the small kid gets injured badly sometimes. Pedestrians: it may sound funny, but sometimes if a guy is driving and he see a beautiful women passing by, he get lost in her and don't really handle the steering properly. I mean it’s wrong. Anything can happen not only to you but to the other pedestrians as well.
  2. Can anyone tell me What happens if the fuel pump is not working fine?
  3. Which navigation is better: garmin or mio? And how much does it costs actually.
  4. Hey guys. I want to know the estimated price for changing the complete dashboard inside the Honda city, 2009 model. Its broken actually, and the only solution to that is changing the complete dashboard. It looks really ugly from inside, so i want to get it replaced. Please tell me how much will it cost.
  5. What are the most common mechanical issues that lead to an accident?
  6. The performance of electric cars is that strong as of normal cars. And think about the electricity that is gonna waste in charging the car. I drove a scooty which was electrical, and that was really bad. Thinking of an electric car, i dont think its a good choice.
  7. Does anyone know about ball joint testing in a car? If yes, then how can we do that?
  8. Then it’s perfectly normal. This is how engine works. There is problem in the car. But if you are so tensed, just get the fuel pump checked.
  9. Did u take off your foot from the gas pedal when it happened?
  10. In my opinion, one should wax the car after every 4 months. Its really necessary to have oil molecules in the paint otherwise the paint gets dull and all the air molecules absorb the paint. Waxing is the best way to keep your car shiny and new always.
  11. I can hear the loud tick-tick noise under the hood of my car. This is really annoying dude! Is there something wrong in the car?
  12. This is something really not acceptable. You can complain regarding the same to the consumer affairs and also warning to the Hyundai directly. I am sure that will be helpful.
  13. I have heard about the oil leaking issues in the car, but somewhere it depends upon the manufacturing place. If its a US and UK based car, then you will definitely face some problems. But if your car is import from japan, then you have better experience with this car. Is model is it? US, UK or somewhere else?
  14. Heyguys. Please share which auto parts are sometimes OK to replace with the used auto parts. Thank you
  15. Please share your lexus experience with the one you own right now. Doesn't have to be only good experience, the worse experience are also welcomed in this forum
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