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  1. Take my advice, diagnose the problem but take it to the mechanic. unless the coolant level is low (which you can take care by yourself) everything else needs professional attention.
  2. Mazda 3 recommends to change the coolant every 90,000km.
  3. Just buy the one you think is the best looking lol. There were literally no changes made to the 06 after the 05 except for visual ones. Not much of an attraction or is it?
  4. imran wrote: > i am having the same exact problems you are. i have brought it back several > times. first they told me that it was normal for a 4 cylinder, although it > certainly was not like this when the car was new. next they found a bad > ignition wire and then they played around with the motor mounts. it does > not do it all the time, so maybe they did not get the right feel. i think > it is definitely one of the sensors but it is also weird that the slightest > elec. surge can throw this car out of whack. must be a bad design. i am > going to try one more time and if i can not get it fixed, then i am > switching to Honda. i am out of patience. Their recent story is that it is a problem of unmetered air leaking in from the plastic box placed right after the computer. This would explain the fact that the idle is rough during cooler days or when the engine is not hot yet. They tried to seal the box without replacing it and it slightly improved for a few days but now it is getting worse. They tracked the air leak by listening to and following a subtle whistle with the engine at idle. It is something you may want to consider and suggest to your mechanic. However, I am not really sure that this is the only problem. Still no theory on why the idle is so sensitive to any electric load. Do let me know if this helps. Lastly, did you have the O2 sensor replaced?
  5. hi everyone didnt know where to post this problem so im doing it here - please guide me through. I have a Mazda 99 626 LX - 4 cyl AT At one point in time my car's battery went dead and the codes erased. I thought that after I got this fixed then everything would go back to normal but since then on wards the car has been idling. To top that off, any minor or major electric load causes it to shift up and down so it seems that its gotten sensitive to any electronic load ... plus the idle sounds rough. In general there is a significant delay in idle compensation after electric load is applied. The local Mazda dealer told me that the idle control valve was bad and the throttle body needed to be cleaned. I replaced the valve and cleaned the throttle body the problem did not go away. Another mechanic found a cracked vacuum cap and a tiny leak in the air intake pipe. He told me that unmetered air was causing the idle problems. The leak was sealed but the idle is still rough and wavy. Does anyone have a clue about it?? Why would an electric load affect the idle if the problem is really unmetered air??
  6. Hi guys, I was talking to my friends about getting dvd screens on the headrests on my new cx-9 They told me that you replace your headrests with new headrests which already have the dvd screens installed in them. Curious I searched online and found the same information. Firstly, who do I get in touch for good quality headrests with dvd screens in them since this will be my first car toy. Secondly, Is it a good idea overall because its my new car and replacing mazda headrests with another seems spooky. thanks
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