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  1. A friend of mine having diesel Land Rover defender and using the diesel engine oil, claims that diesel engine oil is better than petrol engine oil. He highly recommend it same to me to due to it's very strong cleaning power that is as good as engine flush for petrol engines. Wondering if any of you guys ever heard of this experiment or using it? Is it really working?
  2. I totally agree with barry on the working condition for mechanics here are real bad as one of the time I get to visit their sleeping area during their afternoon break time and realized that I scan scout in sharjah on foot than passing my time their. Above all, we end user expect too much from those poor guys who would be barely educated or trained to understand and process any logic's. That's why I always use these mechanic as point and shoot system and leave all logic processing for google and forums.
  3. This place has grown quite as much overtime in car businesses that its difficult to find out the real good and fair place to sell your car in Dubai. Few of my friends shared their horror stories of getting 50% cash value from sellyourcar.com, cashyourcaruae.com, simplybuyanycar.com guys in al quoz. Then their is another horror stories for aweer car market dealer who offer 50-60% of car value, something similar with abu-shagara car market in sharjah. So where does one can really go and sell his car for good and reasonable price. I understand that selling to trader means less money but definitely not 50% of the present going market value. Any expert opinion and advice's are highly welcome. Thanks.
  4. What a legendary history this car holds, and they pick the right oldie guy to present and add emotional value and wet voice to the video, good stuff for video production company.
  5. I can guess the pink one: Simpsons and vw van from little miss sunshine and the white beetle from love bug.
  6. over a 100 reason, better get scan check and save thousands in guess work.
  7. Battery drain out was more than rechargebale level, it usually happen in older batteries closer to their dying date. Dont worry you have just speeded up the battery dying date. So now change the battery.
  8. Get the computer test done to see what fault code it points. Thats the best way to deal with this issue rather than guess work and blowing money.
  9. hello people my 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 is with a cd changer problem the problem is that it does not recognize when cd's are loaded into the changer pleaseeeee help cant live without it thanx
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