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  1. Does anyone have experience with these two vehicles or has some knowledge to determine the "winner" in this comparison? i know that Mazda has better tech, but Subaru has an excellent engine.
  2. tenace

    PSM and ABS light on

    Thanks for sharing this information nairv. As you probably know ABS is a crucial system in modern cars, so I strongly suggest checking this problem at a garage with sophitiscated electronic testing equipment.
  3. I'm thinking of buying a KIA CARENS 1.8 GSX 6 seater, can anyone tell me if they have had any bad experiences or problems with this car?
  4. tenace

    Why the car overheats for first 10 min

    I am not familiar with this problem, but you should efinitely check the thermostat and the level of water in the coolant. Anyway, don't ignore this problem.
  5. How much do prfoessional garagaes charge for adjusting valve clearance on the Honda CR-V?
  6. tenace

    Single CD stuck in Cayenne

    Maybe you keep the same disc for a long period of time. This can cause some kind of melting inside the system.
  7. tenace

    Captiva 2009 sport edition

    That was a horrifying experience you had. However, I still believe that Chevrloet is an excellent brand. This is some kind of error that can happen once in a million times.
  8. tenace

    battery dead so early

    You should also avoid listening to the radio when the engine is turned off. Maybe you keep your lights on too. All these things can have negative impact on the battery.
  9. tenace

    Oil viscosity

    I agree with Danish. If you are planning to rive in UAE use 10w30. But, does anyone have a suggestion about which brand of oil we should use?
  10. tenace

    there is a delay in response.

    You obviously can't find the answer on the Internet. This is a more complex problem and needs to be solved by a professional mechanic. It is easy to find one in Dubai.
  11. tenace

    Car looks Low.

    What do you mean by it looks low? Lower than before? This is a model that is supposed to be lower than most other models.
  12. Just wondering do they drive well? Are they good when it comes to fuel consumption? Are they expensive when it comes to maintenance?
  13. Compared to pricey Toyota 4Runner, Camry or Honda Pilot, Accord? I have a family of 4 people, 2 kids, 2 and 5 year olds a wife, and it'll be our primary vehicle for at least 5-7 years. Safety, Reliability and Warranty?
  14. im looking at buying a 1995 chevrolet suburban with 200,000 miles on it, would this be a big mistake, or will this last me for a while,
  15. Will the x drive get me through a sand storm? I drive to the countryside quite a bit and I want a car that I can be confident will hold up during a tough storm.