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  1. For light blinking and flashing i think its a known issue and cost a leg and arm to fix it, thats why mItsubishi guys says it ok. damn japanese. lolol. Secondly i cant refer any garage in adbu dhabi as im from dubai, but im sure if you got to mussafah industrial area once and look around, you might find some good mitsubishi garage there. Do you have dynatrade in abu dhabi, thats my next best favorite place since i ditched habtoor....!
  2. Have you tried seeing an option of buying UNICHIP from tazweed in shj, atleast they are plug and play kind of stuff and cost a dime extra than what you paid. And plus unichip gains are far better than 10% what you got. I think its 2200 aed for 1 chip, and you can always get it out when you need stock car back. My two cents.
  3. It could be horn relay should be under hood in relay box.
  4. if you want an honest opinion then get it check with a mechanic.
  5. Disconnect the battery first and then starter is located on front left side of motor near trans axle.
  6. remove the battery connections and reconnect it may do the trick
  7. Price list you should get from Habtoor Motors only, here i dont think anyone can give you very specific answer. Spare parts are usually expensive by 50% than Toyota and Nissan. Habtoor service is equally worst as it is for Arabian Automobile or for Al futtaim. Reliability and parts life last more than Toyota and Nissan by twice, that's why paying 50% extra wont bother much. Just for everyone info here only Mitsubishi gets original parts from REAL JAPAN and not quite like other brands here who source from Taiwan, korea etc. And thats why it last forever, my brake pad last for four years.
  8. As a first rule of thumb, one should change the filter first. Its easy place to change and cheaper than pump.
  9. As a first rule of thumb, one should change the filter first. Its easy place to change and cheaper than pump.
  10. this could have possibly happen of you have recently had the cooling fans replaced and installed a aftermarket set including the fan module If so check if the fans is activating the wipers and spray at the same time. Turn on your a/c and this will kick the fans on right away.
  11. the abnormal squeaking noise must be the harmonic damper on crankshaft pulley ( if equipped). hope this will resolve the problem.
  12. i had given my 2005 pajor to a friend for a day and he comes back with a major blunder he had accidentally pour transmission oil on the radiator of my car which made my engine to over heat. please help. thanks
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